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How do you sell your products online through marketplaces?

Are you impressed by the number of marketplaces available right now? Of course, you are not the only one. Whatever your style, needs or hobby, there is always a market where you can buy the goods you need. Online stores are bigger than ever before, so partnering with online marketplaces can be a smart business move. But which one is best for your business? Or maybe you should just open your own online store? 

We will review the top platforms and help you find the most suitable one for your online sales. By the way, you will be interested to get acquainted with the Top 10 Largest Online Marketplaces.


Let’s start with the giant. Amazon is the leading website for selling things online. It is also the largest marketplace in the world. Given their gigantic market share, anyone can easily sign up and sell.

Amazon includes several marketplaces. If you want to expand your reach, this is one of the best online selling platforms. Amazon is a truly global brand that hosts marketplaces for retailers around the world. 

You can start selling from: 

  • US, where Amazon has 95 million users who are Prime subscribers. 

  • Germany, which last year was Amazon’s second largest market. 

  • UK, whose Amazon marketplace covers a huge share of the e-commerce industry.


Do you want to become an independent seller? Etsy has a completely different business model than Amazon and it’s a big hit. Last year, this dedicated marketplace had over 2.5 million active users selling on their site.

You can find Etsy almost anywhere in the world. Sellers and buyers can open stores in a variety of locations. Etsy is a global marketplace, so you can ship your crafts anywhere your customers are. Some of the best locations: 

  • USA, which accounts for about 65% of total Etsy traffic. 

  • UK where Etsy is popular with small businesses and shoppers.


This marketplace is with us for a long time. Founded back in 1995 and with 182 million users last year, it is one of the most successful online marketplaces in the world.

Having achieved global dominance, like Amazon, eBay has become a household name. If you want to sell on this platform, check out the user demographics. Like many sites for selling things, eBay appeals to certain age groups more than others. Top eBay sellers are located in: 

  • UK, where eBay is considered the leading e-commerce marketplace. 

  • The United States, where eBay was founded and where just under half of its users live. China, where some of the world’s largest trading platforms are located.


Looking for marketplaces specialized in fashion? Zalando started out in Berlin as a shoe retailer. Now with thousands of products sold in 17 countries, it has become one of the leading online marketplaces in Europe.

Zalando reports that 31 million customers placed an order on their site last year. While not on the scale of some truly global online marketplaces, it’s still a very interesting place to shop if you’re in Europe. Among the 17 countries, Zalando especially thrives in: 

  • Germany, where the company was founded. 

  • Austria, where Zalando is the second largest e-commerce platform after Amazon. 

  • Great Britain – there are not so many trading platforms left that customers from the UK have not yet mastered.

Congressional Failures

Never before in recent memory has there been folks Congress behaved so inept in practically every regard. They have continued to miss the boat on every bit of legislation that’s come out of Washington in the past 40 years. It is then perfectly logical why the United States gets the greatest income inequality inside our nations history. The half ass approach in this particular latest stimulus proposal is often a prime illustration of how far removed they really are in the plight of an incredible number of Americas.

Long before this Pandemic struck the financial implications that a lot many Americans face has become deteriorating to the level that the daily battle to survive is usually a balancing act of whether or not to pay rent or mortgage or buy food. It is long since passed time for our government some thing and act with compassion, humility and humanity regarding providing the necessary method for every American so as to have the opportunity to climb up the ladder of economic mobility. But, no this what is known as stimulus bill that may be currently being discussed within the halls individuals capital falls way short of giving the necessary safety nets that will keep numerous Americans from falling in to the abyss of poverty.

We should always remind ourselves that to get great economic stability is sticking to the Williams Theory Of Economic Evolution. That means keeping the great majority of an countries population having enough disposable income to invest, save, reduce debt and invest. In the United States we have been so far removed form having economic stability that’s causing the many problems were currently facing. Today, is when we have the superior 1% individuals population controlling over 80% on the nations wealth. This unbalance is reason behind much from the nations unrest, increased frustration, and instability. All of which currently is undermining the longer term for generations to come.

It is long since time for that elected officials some thing in providing legislation that deals directly while using crisis that’s already decimated our whole society. It is not just the Pandemic but the other factors that contain progressed nearly all Americans into dire financial situations that there is no viable method of escaping. What is needed today is designed for Congress to feed a stimulus bill together with the provisions that are included with direct infusion of easily accessible cash of $1500 every month for calendar year for all, in conjunction with shoring up unemployment benefits. Other aspects provided within this stimulus bill must include Medicare for All, AKA Universal Health Care, enforced moratorium on evictions for twelve months, and increased funding for SNAP.

The current proposal does not address the important threat to way of life. Aside in the enormous health and medical crisis facing not simply America though the entire world it has an ever encroaching tsunami of monetary catastrophe heading directly toward our future. And, there was better address this undeniable fact that if we neglect to implement balance need progressive reforms this financial tsunami will sweep over the earth bringing untold collateral damage that could paralyze every industrial country.

The handwriting has been on the wall for several years and yet legislators continually are going to blind to see what on earth is actually occurring right under their noses. The deep divisions that exist inside our nation today undoubtedly are a direct consequence of past policies, legislation and forced mandates who have made the United States get into a cataclysm of sociological deterioration. The cohesiveness that after brought unity of purpose within has deteriorated within the past 40 years. It has deteriorated concise that without having a concise plan of direction in abbreviation term relief in this medical emergency, provide economic and school funding to a lot of Americans this rising tide of economic distress will sweep around the world. A catastrophe around the scope not seen ever since the Great Depression may be the direct results of what our congress can have failed to deliver to the American public.

6 Common Sense Public Health

Doesn’t it seem, strange, in many instances, the identical people, who vigorously, complain about/ oppose, certain sound judgment, public health, restrictions, created, for that reason horrific pandemic, are, often, people, who, due to their irresponsible behavior, and avoidance of assuming/ taking personal/ social responsibility, develop a situation, the location where the conditions, and spread from the virus, become far worse/ severe? Since, the United States’ population represents, approximately, 4.5% with the world’s total numbers, one might expect, our infection and fatality rates, would approximate (or, even, be slightly a lot better than), that percentage. However, rather, our rates are about 20% from the totals, instead. While, I understand, many feel a feeling of fatigue, loneliness, etc, after, all of this time, still doesn’t be the better choice, to try and do, one’s part, to cut back the spread! With that in mind, this document will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 wise practice, public health – oriented behaviors, and why, we’d like most people, to set the overall health, and wellbeing, from the public, to be a high priority.

  1. Wear a mask: Why do some, make this type of big deal, about, wearing a mask? After, all, the majority of us, look, no less than, of the same quality, or better, wearing one, today! Public health experts inform us, if everyone wore a mask, these horrific numbers, could be reduced, perhaps, by, a minimum of 95%, or better! Shouldn’t it sound right, for most of the people, to want to accomplish this?
  2. Avoid crowds: Although, I enjoy hanging out, to restaurants, theaters, and also other events, the maximum amount of, as anyone else, it can make no sense, to try and do so, when it risks health! Experts advise us, we should avoid crowds, and, especially, reduce many indoor activities, because, herpes is airborne, and, these activities, create greater risks! Use social spacing, and wearing a mask, to lessen the spread!
  3. Social distancing: Airborne viruses spread with the air, and experts warn, can travel, at the least six feet (although, some reports say, a little more forward). Therefore, we’ve got to commit to social distancing, to safeguard, both, our very own health, in addition, of others! Wear a mask, and your distance!
  4. Social responsibility: Wearing a mask, especially, protects, not merely you, but should be thought about, your social responsibility, to guard others! Unfortunately, lots of people, adhere to the example, of these leader, and once, President Trump, continues, to lessen the need to wear a face – covering, honor social spacing, and prevent crowds (holding several Superspreader events), his core supporters, keep to the path of least resistance!
  5. Policy rather than politics: Our national health policy needs to be directed by, and led, by experts, as opposed to a politician, who considers himself, a gradual genius! We need to prioritize, quality policy and sound judgment, rather then politics!
  6. Public health: Without a consentrate on addressing, and creating the best possible, best, science – oriented, public health plan, we risk, an expansion of, as an alternative to reduction of, chlamydia, and fatality, numbers, with this pandemic! Let the experts guide our paths, not the politicians!

5 Potential Ramifications Of This Post

Historians can look – back, as of this recent, post – election, drama/ dramatics, and possibly, put it to use. to illustrate what happens, when, a populist, politician, who seems to make others, in their party, toe – the – line, probably, due to fear, and/ or, other personal/ political consideration, and/ or, self – interest, continue supporting his efforts, no matter how, out – of – the – ordinary, and, perhaps, dangerous, made a potential, clear and offer danger, for the best interests of the united states, its citizens, plus the relevant, sustainable interests, with the planet. At least, in recent memory, we’ve got never witnessed, anything honest safe music downloads past 4 years, in the administration of President Donald Trump, with his fantastic apparent, enablers, and, as – odd, as that period seemed, the oddest, to – date, has become, what we’ve witnessed, leading – up, to Election Day, and also the days, following it. With that in mind, this document will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, how this works and represents, and why it matters.

  1. Lose faith in your political system: One with the most concerning issues with this drama, is, danger, most lose faith/ confidence, inside our political system, and, perhaps, even, other components, on the so – called, American Dream. The consistent, lies, half – truths, and apparent, distortions, articulated from this President, constantly, claiming, fraud, etc, without evidence, creates doubt, at – least, inside minds of his most ardent supporters! When, the numbers indicate, he lost the widely used vote, by about 7 million votes, and, an obvious, Electoral College, loss, he continues claiming, victory, and – way too many, often believe him!
  2. Misusing Judicial System, for political gain: Our nation is dependant on the Balance of Powers, between Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of government. Our Courts work to be based about the rule of law, rather than politics. Courts decide legal and judicial issues, rather than become political, etc! We must demand, from the future, nobody is above the law, and Courts must never interfere, with fair, and free elections!
  3. Using unsupported claims: One on the reasons, virtually any suit due to the Trump campaign, has lost, in Court, is, simply making unsupported claims, and accusations, without proof, really should not be sufficient, to have a defense, especially about this kind of serious, significant issue!
  4. Who elects Elected Officials?: Perhaps, one in the most dangerous, scary behaviors, and actions, we’ve witnessed, could be the suggestion, of overturning/ reversing the will on the voters! Who elects these officials, and have absolutely they forgotten, these are elected, because of the will in the people, and, work to serve and represent, most of us, instead of their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest?

Wake up, America, make certain, and we don’t witness, these behaviors, from the future, by creating stronger protections, and regulations/ rules (with – teeth), than we presently, have! We can’t permit extra time of this sort of politics!

Why America Needs Better

How has this nation, arrived, at this stage, where countless seem happy to accept a similar – old, same – old, good – enough, leadership, if your challenges, both, currently, and possibly, in to the future, should reveal, we end up needing better – FOCUSED, and also, public officials, who, consistently, put service, representation, and also the best interests with this nation, planet, and it is citizens, in front of any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? Especially, over these past four years, but, for any disturbing, period, leading – up, going without running shoes, we’ve observed, far, many times, politicians elected, who articulate populist rhetoric, if we would be greater represented, by individuals, who taken notice of the bigger – picture! With that in mind, this article attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, while using mnemonic approach, what this signifies, and represents, and why it matters.

  1. Face facts; future; furnish, fruition; fresh: What good should it do, to proceed, within a state – of – denial, when we want leaders, to deal with the facts, and consider, both, time – tested approaches, as well as the nation’s heritage, and ideology, but, ready, willing, and able, for taking a fresh look, and consider options and alternatives? We must demand, political and elected officials, make current decisions, based, also the wide ranging ramifications, in the future! The best approach could be, should they furnished quality leadership, strategic and action plans, together the endurance, and ability, to take the best strategy, to fruition!
  2. Options; opportunities; organized: If we elected individuals, having an open – mind, prepared to consider a various options, they can be better able, to look at advantage of the very best opportunities, within a meaningful, organized way!
  3. Character; clarity; creative; cooperate; change: Change is simply beneficial, if this makes a difference, for your better! When public officials contain the essential, quality character, to proceed with clarity, and inner strength, the ability to introduce strategies, and emphasize cooperation, to the greater good, is enhanced, significantly!
  4. Useful; urgent; urge/ urging: Don’t permit a politician’s empty rhetoric, and promises, distract you, from paying keen attention, for the truly, urgent issues and priorities! We need leaders, who address urgent issues, and urge all Americans, to cooperate, and seek a celebration – of – the – minds, to the common good!
  5. Sustainable; service; solutions; stronger: Shouldn’t the priority be, to consistently, increase the risk for nation stronger, within a relevant, sustainable way, seeking the most effective possible, viable solutions, for your country, our citizens, which planet?
  6. Empathy; emphasis; efforts; excellence; endurance: How can anyone address our perceptions, and priorities, unless/ until, he proceeds using the utmost a higher level genuine empathy? This must impacts his emphasis, and that he must align, these using the direction of his efforts! These people must never be satisfied with good – enough, if we deserve true excellence. Since, the majority of things take time, a frontrunner must have the endurance, and inner – strength, to proceed, together with his best efforts, despite any obstacles, etc!
  7. Delve deeply; discover; deliver: They need to go higher than, the well-known, surface evaluations, but, rather, must delve deeply, in order to discover the top paths, to adhere to, and pursue! Once this can be determined, it only matters, when an officials, over – delivers, in each and every possible way, so, to treat the current, and future obstacles, and challenges, in the top manner!

Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna

Princess Elisabeth (“Ella”) was created on November 1, 1864 in Bessungen, Hesse the other child and daughter of Princess Alice with the United Kingdom and Ludwig IV, Grand Duke of Hesse by Rhine (House of Hesse-Darmstadt).

She would have been a granddaughter of Great Britain’s, Queen Victoria plus an older sister of Alexandra, the very last Russian Empress.

Her siblings were Princess Victoria of Hesse and also Rhine, Princess Irene of Prussia, Grand Duke Ernest Louis of Hesse, and Empress Alexandra of Russia.

The children were raised within British and German cultures and were taught the Christian Commandments of fascination with God and fascination with their neighbor.


Elisabeth was one from the most beautiful women in Europe. She married the Russian Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich, your fifth son of Emperor Alexander II of Russia and Maria Alexandrovna (née Princess Marie of Hesse-Darmstadt) with the Chapel from the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg on June 15, 1884.

She then became generally known as Grand Duchess Yelizaveta Fyodorovna, or “Elisabeth Feodorovna” in English. It was at Elisabeth’s wedding that her younger sister, Princess Alix (Alexandra), met and fell deeply in love with Sergei’s nephew, Tsarevich Nicholas, her future husband and last Tsar of Russia.

The couple never had children of their very own, but they also became the foster parents of Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich and Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna, Sergei’s niece and nephew when their mother died.

Conversion to Orthodoxy

Elizabeth changed into Russian Orthodoxy from her native Lutheran religion in 1891. From a letter to her father, Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and Rhine (January 1, 1891) she stated: “I began to this decision (to convert to Orthodoxy) only on account of my deep faith. I feel that I should stand before God using a pure and faithful heart. How easy it may be for everything to be as it is now, and exactly how fake and hypocritical for the same time! How can I mislead everyone, pretend as a Protestant, and showing it by my appearance, while my soul has embraced the Orthodox faith? After I’ve spent six years in this particular country and already “found” religion.”

Assassination of Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich

Elisabeth’s happy life reached a sudden end on February 17, 1905 in the event the socialist revolutionary, Ivan Kalyayev, assassinated her husband in the Kremlin.

Grand Duke Sergei was returning in his carriage when Kalyayev got close and threw a bomb into his lap blowing him plus the carriage to bits inside the snow. When Elisabeth heard the explosion, she rushed outside and began collecting the dismembered remains of her husband.

After the death of her husband, Elisabeth’s high society life ended. She wore black mourning clothes, became a vegetarian and considered prayer and fasting.

Full of mercy, she visited Kaliaev in prison and gave him a Bible plus an icon and said, “Knowing the generous heart of my late husband, I forgive you”, and blessed the assassin. She even campaigned without results for him for being pardoned – Kalyayev was hanged on 23 May, 1905.

Monastery of Sts. Martha and Mary

In 1909 Elisabeth departed the Imperial Court, sold off her luxurious possessions and founded the Monastery of Sts. Martha and Mary (the sisters of Lazarus whom Jesus raised in the dead) in Moscow, dedicating her life to serving God by helping others. She became its abbess, making a new religious order for those women, regardless of their background or class. They established a hospital,a pharmacy, an orphanage along with a school plus they distributed free medicines to your poor and gave free choose to any person who reached their door.

Russian Revolution – 1917

The violent Russian Revolution of 1917 marked the end in the Romanov dynasty and centuries of Russian Imperial rule.

It began in the First World War, with all the February Revolution inside then-capital, Petrograd (now Saint Petersburg), then spread throughout the Russian Empire concluding in 1923 with all the Bolshevik establishment in the Soviet Union.

Russia was the initial country to declare itself socialist and move towards a communist society. Leftist leader, Vladimir Lenin who seized power, paved how for the Soviet Union having its authoritarian, single party regimes. Communism inside 20th century became a terrifying, influential force around the globe, setting the stage with the Cold War starting in 1947, involving the Soviet Union along with the capitalist, United States in addition to their respective allies.

The Cold War ended while using dissolution from the Soviet Union on December 26, 1991.

Fate with the Imperial Family and Elisabeth Feodorovna

Vladimir Lenin ordered the Cheka (secret police) to arrest Elisabeth and exiled her first to Perm, then to Yekaterinburg along using the Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich; Princes Ioann Konstantinovich, Konstantin Konstantinovich, Igor Konstantinovich and Vladimir Pavlovich Paley; Grand Duke Sergei’s secretary, Fyodor Remez and Varvara Yakovleva, a sister on the Grand Duchess’s convent who had refused to depart her Abbess.

Then, we were holding all delivered to Alapayevsk on 20 May 1918 and housed inside Napolnaya School within the outskirts in the town.

At noon on 17 July, Cheka officer Pyotr Startsev arrived and took through the prisoners whatever money that they had left and transferred them to your Upper Siniachikhensky factory compound. That night the prisoners were awakened and driven in carts for the village of Siniachikha, 18 kilometers (11 miles) from Alapayevsk high was an abandoned iron mine having a pit, 20 meters (66 feet) deep.

Here the Cheka violently beat every one of the prisoners before throwing them into this pit. As the executioners pushed Mother Elisabeth to the pit, she said: “Father, forgive them, for they just don’t know what these are doing” (Luke 23:34).

The victims began singing Orthodox hymns and so the Cheka hurled hand grenades along the shaft killing only Fyodor Remez. Then, they shoved into your pit a substantial quantity of brushwood and hang up it alight.

The White Army

On October 8, 1918, the Russian anti-Bolshevik, White Army recaptured this area from your pro-communist, Red Army and came throughout the pit along with the bodies of Elisabeth and her companions. She was 53 years of age. The day before Elisabeth and her companions were thrown in to the pit to die, the Tsar, Nicholas II, her sister the Empress, and children were all brutally murdered by way of a firing squad.

Elisabeth’s remains were initially buried from the cemetery with the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov, in present-day Beijing in China and later on were moved towards the Church of Maria Magdalene in Jerusalem within the Mount of Olives which she and her husband had helped to develop.

Holy Martyr Elisabeth Feodorovna

In 1981, Elisabeth was canonized from the anti-Soviet, Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and also the Moscow Patriarchate in 1992 as Holy Martyr Elizabeth Feodorovna following the fall on the communist, Soviet Union. Sister, Varvara Yakovleva who refused to go out of the side of her abbess, Elisabeth Feodorovna had also been canonized.

Holy Martyr Elisabeth Feodorovna is one on the ten 20th-century martyrs from throughout the world who will be depicted in statues over the Great West Door of Westminster Abbey in London. Her Feast Day is well known on July 5 (she was martyred on July 18, according to your New Calendar, which had been July 5 around the Old Calendar).

Leaders With Relevant VISION?

Regardless, of your personal/ political agenda, party affiliation, or priorities, the majority of people, should, agree, this nation, has reached, a crossroads, where, the road, we take, forward, might determine, not able to the United States, regarding paying keen focus to Constitutional guarantees, freedoms, rights, and justice – for – all, and protecting the sustainability individuals planet, with regards to maintaining and strengthening environmental protections, and realistically, addressing the inherent, challenges, of Climate Change. Especially, at this time – in – time, America needs real leaders, with relevant, sustainable VISION, who’re proactive, and find the nerve, to generate changes, for your better, and get started! With that in mind, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, utilizing the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and why it matters.

  1. Views; value; values; virtues: We can will no longer, accept, elected officials, who do not have the essential virtues, of putting the national needs, and priorities, in advance of any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! They must articulate views, which unite us, for your greater good! Public officials must employ a combination, of providing essential value, regarding serving and representing this nation, in addition to maintaining the standard of character, and values, which align together with the core, national ideology!
  2. Integrity; ideas; insights: Why would people follow, and unify, unless/ until, their leader maintained the maximum degree of genuine, absolute integrity? Wouldn’t most of us, be, better – served, if/ when, leaders ideas, and insights, devoted to the greater good, contributing to, a meaningful, meeting – of – the – minds?
  3. Service; solutions; system; stronger; sustainable: Meaningful service must mean, seeking viable, sustainable solutions, which can make us, stronger, and even more capable, of addressing the difficulties of an evolving world! True leaders perceive and conceive of, create, develop, and motivate others, to think in their system, and approaches!
  4. Imagination; innovate; ideals/ ideology: Instead of with all the same – old, same – old, using the emphasis, around the good – old, days, we must elect officials, while using relevant imagination, and chance to innovate, as necessary, to generate us better, and stronger! Only when the ideals, and also the nation’s core ideology, are aligned, properly, will many of us benefit, within the longer – run!
  5. Organized; options: A thorough, consideration, and evaluation of options and opportunities, must emphasize, a prepared approach, towards relevant, sustainable solutions, and strategic, well – considered, action plans!
  6. Needs; nerve: True leaders hold the nerve to consider actions, regularly, when lesser ones, procrastinate, etc! Shouldn’t we demand, they, prioritize relevant, sustainable needs, and priorities?

If hopefully, the united states, and planet, besides survives, but, does – so, effectively, plus in a relevant, and sustainable way, we’ve got to elect individuals, having a quality, vital, vibrant, VISION! Wake up, America, now!

Necessities For A Sustainable Future

Most people, inside the United States, manage to pay more, for the rhetoric, and empty promises of potential, elected officials, compared to what they do, to how, someone, might achieve his objectives, inside a relevant, sustainable manner! Hundreds of millions of dollars, if not more, are spent, on Presidential election campaigns, yet, we rarely, learn, much, of value/ significance, from all of these advertisements, slogans, and rallies. What good, is achieved, unless/ until, someone we elect, concentrates on, and emphasizes, the very best, most recent, sustainable approach, make use of, to treat the true priorities, needs, and necessities, of our own nation, and citizens. With that in mind, this document will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 necessities, for adequately, addressing the top approach, to making, a sustainable future.

  1. Public Health: What may perhaps be, more essential, than prioritizing the safety of the public’s health, and safety? We need public officials, who, plan, properly, for eventualities, and achieving a qualified team of experts, in – place, to name potential issues, early, and also a plan, to significantly, slow up the risk, both, within the shorter – term, and longer – term, for that public. Recently, unfortunately, we have now witnessed the ramifications of proceeding, unprepared, and, apparently, putting non permanent, political agendas/ perspectives, and populist politics, ahead of the most effective interests with this nation!
  2. Restore economy, and jobs/ employment: Many areas of leading, are inter – related! Only, when, citizens seem confident, inside future, as well as the ability of leaders, to provide and represent our interests, should we be able to restore the economy, inside a relevant, realistic, sustainable way, in lieu of, trying to us, smoke – and – mirrors, for political purposes! To achieve this, leaders must spend on preparing us, for evolving needs, and prioritizing, sustainable purposes, etc!
  3. Infrastructure: For years, our nation’s infrastructure, is getting worse, and responsible leadership, would prioritize, improving, and updating this! Unfortunately, even though this is needed, all too often, political considerations, end – up, out – weighing, doing the necessities, right, as well as!
  4. Climate/ Climate Change: Instead of denying the health risks, and/ or, equating, supposed, economic purposes, with addressing troubles, of Climate Change, sooner, instead of later, we carry on and witness, hardly any, achieved, to treat this, and get started, to make sure, we protect our children and grandchildren!
  5. Environment: We need cleaner air, and purer water, to defend, this, and well being, on the existing population, as well as generations to come. For decades, incremental changes, and approaches, created better, necessary regulations, but, from the past four years, President Trump’s administration, has, sought to weaken, and eliminate a number of these rules!
  6. Freedoms: What will our nation become, whenever we don’t protect the many freedoms, liberties, and justice – for – all, the United States, has, historically, stood for? This commitment must be to defend all of these rights, rather, than, selective ones!

At the bare minimum, we have to demand, our public officials, address, proactively, these 6 sustainable necessities! Wake up, America, and get started!

Using The PIECES For A Better Future!

Most people state, they would hope, for the nation, and our planet, to become stronger, and better, in the future, so future generations, can enjoy it, and become the protectors, to those, who follow them! However, unfortunately, despite the empty promises, and rhetoric, of politicians, we witness, very little, real progress, in that direction! Whether, because of the nature, and character, of those, we elect, or some inherent weakness in the American political system, unless/ until, significant changes, for the better, are implemented, and utilized, we probably, will see little, true improvements! This process requires a significant degree of commitment, and will not occur overnight. There are a number of PIECES of this equation, and with that, in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what they mean, and why, we would all benefit, by a genuine effort, in this direction.

  1. Priorities; phases; planning; peace; process: This process must try to identify real priorities, so our leaders, use their planning, to implement them, effectively! Nothing, generally, changes overnight, and, therefore, it’s important to approach needed changes, in well – considered, phases! Some of these components, and ideals, must include: world peace; Climate Change protections; environmental considerations; human rights; and a greater degree of enforcement of all our Constitutional guarantees, rather than merely, doing so, selectively.
  2. Ideas; ideals/ ideology; insights; infrastructure: Doesn’t it make sense, to have a real plan, and well – considered ideas, to take care of, upgrade, and improve America’s infrastructure? Shouldn’t we demand, public leaders, align their ideals, and approaches, with the core ideology, of this nation? If our insights, focused more on becoming better, and less on partisan politics, wouldn’t most people, be, better served?
  3. Endurance; environment: If we don’t have the endurance, to take care of our environment, regulating protections, to ensure, the health, and well – being of future generations, we all lose!
  4. Climate Change; coordinate; clarity; cooperation/ change: Rather than listening to the denials, regarding Climate Change, it is imperative, that we proceed, forward, to ensure, the future survival of this planet! We must demand, elected officials, consistently, coordinate citizens’ efforts,with clarity, and stressing mutual cooperation, with the objective of creating, and implementing, change, for the better!
  5. Emphasis; excellence: Wouldn’t we, all benefit, if our emphasis, was on, creating genuine excellence, rather than, settling, merely, for good – enough?
  6. Sustainable; solutions; stronger: If, we want a better future, our combined, mindset, must focus on, creating, and implementing, the finest, sustainable solutions. Only, if/ when, we do so, will our way of life, become stronger!