Why America Needs Better

How has this nation, arrived, at this stage, where countless seem happy to accept a similar – old, same – old, good – enough, leadership, if your challenges, both, currently, and possibly, in to the future, should reveal, we end up needing better – FOCUSED, and also, public officials, who, consistently, put service, representation, and also the best interests with this nation, planet, and it is citizens, in front of any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? Especially, over these past four years, but, for any disturbing, period, leading – up, going without running shoes, we’ve observed, far, many times, politicians elected, who articulate populist rhetoric, if we would be greater represented, by individuals, who taken notice of the bigger – picture! With that in mind, this article attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, while using mnemonic approach, what this signifies, and represents, and why it matters.

  1. Face facts; future; furnish, fruition; fresh: What good should it do, to proceed, within a state – of – denial, when we want leaders, to deal with the facts, and consider, both, time – tested approaches, as well as the nation’s heritage, and ideology, but, ready, willing, and able, for taking a fresh look, and consider options and alternatives? We must demand, political and elected officials, make current decisions, based, also the wide ranging ramifications, in the future! The best approach could be, should they furnished quality leadership, strategic and action plans, together the endurance, and ability, to take the best strategy, to fruition!
  2. Options; opportunities; organized: If we elected individuals, having an open – mind, prepared to consider a various options, they can be better able, to look at advantage of the very best opportunities, within a meaningful, organized way!
  3. Character; clarity; creative; cooperate; change: Change is simply beneficial, if this makes a difference, for your better! When public officials contain the essential, quality character, to proceed with clarity, and inner strength, the ability to introduce strategies, and emphasize cooperation, to the greater good, is enhanced, significantly!
  4. Useful; urgent; urge/ urging: Don’t permit a politician’s empty rhetoric, and promises, distract you, from paying keen attention, for the truly, urgent issues and priorities! We need leaders, who address urgent issues, and urge all Americans, to cooperate, and seek a celebration – of – the – minds, to the common good!
  5. Sustainable; service; solutions; stronger: Shouldn’t the priority be, to consistently, increase the risk for nation stronger, within a relevant, sustainable way, seeking the most effective possible, viable solutions, for your country, our citizens, which planet?
  6. Empathy; emphasis; efforts; excellence; endurance: How can anyone address our perceptions, and priorities, unless/ until, he proceeds using the utmost a higher level genuine empathy? This must impacts his emphasis, and that he must align, these using the direction of his efforts! These people must never be satisfied with good – enough, if we deserve true excellence. Since, the majority of things take time, a frontrunner must have the endurance, and inner – strength, to proceed, together with his best efforts, despite any obstacles, etc!
  7. Delve deeply; discover; deliver: They need to go higher than, the well-known, surface evaluations, but, rather, must delve deeply, in order to discover the top paths, to adhere to, and pursue! Once this can be determined, it only matters, when an officials, over – delivers, in each and every possible way, so, to treat the current, and future obstacles, and challenges, in the top manner!

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