Month: December 2020

5 Potential Ramifications Of This Post

Historians can look – back, as of this recent, post – election, drama/ dramatics, and possibly, put it to use. to illustrate what happens, when, a populist, politician, who seems to make others, in their party, toe – the – line, probably, due to fear, and/ or, other personal/ political consideration, and/ or, self – interest, continue supporting his efforts, no matter how, out – of – the – ordinary, and, perhaps, dangerous, made a potential, clear and offer danger, for the best interests of the united states, its citizens, plus the relevant, sustainable interests, with the planet. At least, in recent memory, we’ve got never witnessed, anything honest safe music downloads past 4 years, in the administration of President Donald Trump, with his fantastic apparent, enablers, and, as – odd, as that period seemed, the oddest, to – date, has become, what we’ve witnessed, leading – up, to Election Day, and also the days, following it. With that in mind, this document will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, how this works and represents, and why it matters.

  1. Lose faith in your political system: One with the most concerning issues with this drama, is, danger, most lose faith/ confidence, inside our political system, and, perhaps, even, other components, on the so – called, American Dream. The consistent, lies, half – truths, and apparent, distortions, articulated from this President, constantly, claiming, fraud, etc, without evidence, creates doubt, at – least, inside minds of his most ardent supporters! When, the numbers indicate, he lost the widely used vote, by about 7 million votes, and, an obvious, Electoral College, loss, he continues claiming, victory, and – way too many, often believe him!
  2. Misusing Judicial System, for political gain: Our nation is dependant on the Balance of Powers, between Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of government. Our Courts work to be based about the rule of law, rather than politics. Courts decide legal and judicial issues, rather than become political, etc! We must demand, from the future, nobody is above the law, and Courts must never interfere, with fair, and free elections!
  3. Using unsupported claims: One on the reasons, virtually any suit due to the Trump campaign, has lost, in Court, is, simply making unsupported claims, and accusations, without proof, really should not be sufficient, to have a defense, especially about this kind of serious, significant issue!
  4. Who elects Elected Officials?: Perhaps, one in the most dangerous, scary behaviors, and actions, we’ve witnessed, could be the suggestion, of overturning/ reversing the will on the voters! Who elects these officials, and have absolutely they forgotten, these are elected, because of the will in the people, and, work to serve and represent, most of us, instead of their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest?

Wake up, America, make certain, and we don’t witness, these behaviors, from the future, by creating stronger protections, and regulations/ rules (with – teeth), than we presently, have! We can’t permit extra time of this sort of politics!