Month: July 2020

Leaders With Relevant VISION?

Regardless, of your personal/ political agenda, party affiliation, or priorities, the majority of people, should, agree, this nation, has reached, a crossroads, where, the road, we take, forward, might determine, not able to the United States, regarding paying keen focus to Constitutional guarantees, freedoms, rights, and justice – for – all, and protecting the sustainability individuals planet, with regards to maintaining and strengthening environmental protections, and realistically, addressing the inherent, challenges, of Climate Change. Especially, at this time – in – time, America needs real leaders, with relevant, sustainable VISION, who’re proactive, and find the nerve, to generate changes, for your better, and get started! With that in mind, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, utilizing the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and why it matters.

  1. Views; value; values; virtues: We can will no longer, accept, elected officials, who do not have the essential virtues, of putting the national needs, and priorities, in advance of any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! They must articulate views, which unite us, for your greater good! Public officials must employ a combination, of providing essential value, regarding serving and representing this nation, in addition to maintaining the standard of character, and values, which align together with the core, national ideology!
  2. Integrity; ideas; insights: Why would people follow, and unify, unless/ until, their leader maintained the maximum degree of genuine, absolute integrity? Wouldn’t most of us, be, better – served, if/ when, leaders ideas, and insights, devoted to the greater good, contributing to, a meaningful, meeting – of – the – minds?
  3. Service; solutions; system; stronger; sustainable: Meaningful service must mean, seeking viable, sustainable solutions, which can make us, stronger, and even more capable, of addressing the difficulties of an evolving world! True leaders perceive and conceive of, create, develop, and motivate others, to think in their system, and approaches!
  4. Imagination; innovate; ideals/ ideology: Instead of with all the same – old, same – old, using the emphasis, around the good – old, days, we must elect officials, while using relevant imagination, and chance to innovate, as necessary, to generate us better, and stronger! Only when the ideals, and also the nation’s core ideology, are aligned, properly, will many of us benefit, within the longer – run!
  5. Organized; options: A thorough, consideration, and evaluation of options and opportunities, must emphasize, a prepared approach, towards relevant, sustainable solutions, and strategic, well – considered, action plans!
  6. Needs; nerve: True leaders hold the nerve to consider actions, regularly, when lesser ones, procrastinate, etc! Shouldn’t we demand, they, prioritize relevant, sustainable needs, and priorities?

If hopefully, the united states, and planet, besides survives, but, does – so, effectively, plus in a relevant, and sustainable way, we’ve got to elect individuals, having a quality, vital, vibrant, VISION! Wake up, America, now!