Congressional Failures

Never before in recent memory has there been folks Congress behaved so inept in practically every regard. They have continued to miss the boat on every bit of legislation that’s come out of Washington in the past 40 years. It is then perfectly logical why the United States gets the greatest income inequality inside our nations history. The half ass approach in this particular latest stimulus proposal is often a prime illustration of how far removed they really are in the plight of an incredible number of Americas.

Long before this Pandemic struck the financial implications that a lot many Americans face has become deteriorating to the level that the daily battle to survive is usually a balancing act of whether or not to pay rent or mortgage or buy food. It is long since passed time for our government some thing and act with compassion, humility and humanity regarding providing the necessary method for every American so as to have the opportunity to climb up the ladder of economic mobility. But, no this what is known as stimulus bill that may be currently being discussed within the halls individuals capital falls way short of giving the necessary safety nets that will keep numerous Americans from falling in to the abyss of poverty.

We should always remind ourselves that to get great economic stability is sticking to the Williams Theory Of Economic Evolution. That means keeping the great majority of an countries population having enough disposable income to invest, save, reduce debt and invest. In the United States we have been so far removed form having economic stability that’s causing the many problems were currently facing. Today, is when we have the superior 1% individuals population controlling over 80% on the nations wealth. This unbalance is reason behind much from the nations unrest, increased frustration, and instability. All of which currently is undermining the longer term for generations to come.

It is long since time for that elected officials some thing in providing legislation that deals directly while using crisis that’s already decimated our whole society. It is not just the Pandemic but the other factors that contain progressed nearly all Americans into dire financial situations that there is no viable method of escaping. What is needed today is designed for Congress to feed a stimulus bill together with the provisions that are included with direct infusion of easily accessible cash of $1500 every month for calendar year for all, in conjunction with shoring up unemployment benefits. Other aspects provided within this stimulus bill must include Medicare for All, AKA Universal Health Care, enforced moratorium on evictions for twelve months, and increased funding for SNAP.

The current proposal does not address the important threat to way of life. Aside in the enormous health and medical crisis facing not simply America though the entire world it has an ever encroaching tsunami of monetary catastrophe heading directly toward our future. And, there was better address this undeniable fact that if we neglect to implement balance need progressive reforms this financial tsunami will sweep over the earth bringing untold collateral damage that could paralyze every industrial country.

The handwriting has been on the wall for several years and yet legislators continually are going to blind to see what on earth is actually occurring right under their noses. The deep divisions that exist inside our nation today undoubtedly are a direct consequence of past policies, legislation and forced mandates who have made the United States get into a cataclysm of sociological deterioration. The cohesiveness that after brought unity of purpose within has deteriorated within the past 40 years. It has deteriorated concise that without having a concise plan of direction in abbreviation term relief in this medical emergency, provide economic and school funding to a lot of Americans this rising tide of economic distress will sweep around the world. A catastrophe around the scope not seen ever since the Great Depression may be the direct results of what our congress can have failed to deliver to the American public.

Leaders With Relevant VISION?

Regardless, of your personal/ political agenda, party affiliation, or priorities, the majority of people, should, agree, this nation, has reached, a crossroads, where, the road, we take, forward, might determine, not able to the United States, regarding paying keen focus to Constitutional guarantees, freedoms, rights, and justice – for – all, and protecting the sustainability individuals planet, with regards to maintaining and strengthening environmental protections, and realistically, addressing the inherent, challenges, of Climate Change. Especially, at this time – in – time, America needs real leaders, with relevant, sustainable VISION, who’re proactive, and find the nerve, to generate changes, for your better, and get started! With that in mind, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, utilizing the mnemonic approach, what this means, and represents, and why it matters.

  1. Views; value; values; virtues: We can will no longer, accept, elected officials, who do not have the essential virtues, of putting the national needs, and priorities, in advance of any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! They must articulate views, which unite us, for your greater good! Public officials must employ a combination, of providing essential value, regarding serving and representing this nation, in addition to maintaining the standard of character, and values, which align together with the core, national ideology!
  2. Integrity; ideas; insights: Why would people follow, and unify, unless/ until, their leader maintained the maximum degree of genuine, absolute integrity? Wouldn’t most of us, be, better – served, if/ when, leaders ideas, and insights, devoted to the greater good, contributing to, a meaningful, meeting – of – the – minds?
  3. Service; solutions; system; stronger; sustainable: Meaningful service must mean, seeking viable, sustainable solutions, which can make us, stronger, and even more capable, of addressing the difficulties of an evolving world! True leaders perceive and conceive of, create, develop, and motivate others, to think in their system, and approaches!
  4. Imagination; innovate; ideals/ ideology: Instead of with all the same – old, same – old, using the emphasis, around the good – old, days, we must elect officials, while using relevant imagination, and chance to innovate, as necessary, to generate us better, and stronger! Only when the ideals, and also the nation’s core ideology, are aligned, properly, will many of us benefit, within the longer – run!
  5. Organized; options: A thorough, consideration, and evaluation of options and opportunities, must emphasize, a prepared approach, towards relevant, sustainable solutions, and strategic, well – considered, action plans!
  6. Needs; nerve: True leaders hold the nerve to consider actions, regularly, when lesser ones, procrastinate, etc! Shouldn’t we demand, they, prioritize relevant, sustainable needs, and priorities?

If hopefully, the united states, and planet, besides survives, but, does – so, effectively, plus in a relevant, and sustainable way, we’ve got to elect individuals, having a quality, vital, vibrant, VISION! Wake up, America, now!

Necessities For A Sustainable Future

Most people, inside the United States, manage to pay more, for the rhetoric, and empty promises of potential, elected officials, compared to what they do, to how, someone, might achieve his objectives, inside a relevant, sustainable manner! Hundreds of millions of dollars, if not more, are spent, on Presidential election campaigns, yet, we rarely, learn, much, of value/ significance, from all of these advertisements, slogans, and rallies. What good, is achieved, unless/ until, someone we elect, concentrates on, and emphasizes, the very best, most recent, sustainable approach, make use of, to treat the true priorities, needs, and necessities, of our own nation, and citizens. With that in mind, this document will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 necessities, for adequately, addressing the top approach, to making, a sustainable future.

  1. Public Health: What may perhaps be, more essential, than prioritizing the safety of the public’s health, and safety? We need public officials, who, plan, properly, for eventualities, and achieving a qualified team of experts, in – place, to name potential issues, early, and also a plan, to significantly, slow up the risk, both, within the shorter – term, and longer – term, for that public. Recently, unfortunately, we have now witnessed the ramifications of proceeding, unprepared, and, apparently, putting non permanent, political agendas/ perspectives, and populist politics, ahead of the most effective interests with this nation!
  2. Restore economy, and jobs/ employment: Many areas of leading, are inter – related! Only, when, citizens seem confident, inside future, as well as the ability of leaders, to provide and represent our interests, should we be able to restore the economy, inside a relevant, realistic, sustainable way, in lieu of, trying to us, smoke – and – mirrors, for political purposes! To achieve this, leaders must spend on preparing us, for evolving needs, and prioritizing, sustainable purposes, etc!
  3. Infrastructure: For years, our nation’s infrastructure, is getting worse, and responsible leadership, would prioritize, improving, and updating this! Unfortunately, even though this is needed, all too often, political considerations, end – up, out – weighing, doing the necessities, right, as well as!
  4. Climate/ Climate Change: Instead of denying the health risks, and/ or, equating, supposed, economic purposes, with addressing troubles, of Climate Change, sooner, instead of later, we carry on and witness, hardly any, achieved, to treat this, and get started, to make sure, we protect our children and grandchildren!
  5. Environment: We need cleaner air, and purer water, to defend, this, and well being, on the existing population, as well as generations to come. For decades, incremental changes, and approaches, created better, necessary regulations, but, from the past four years, President Trump’s administration, has, sought to weaken, and eliminate a number of these rules!
  6. Freedoms: What will our nation become, whenever we don’t protect the many freedoms, liberties, and justice – for – all, the United States, has, historically, stood for? This commitment must be to defend all of these rights, rather, than, selective ones!

At the bare minimum, we have to demand, our public officials, address, proactively, these 6 sustainable necessities! Wake up, America, and get started!

Using The PIECES For A Better Future!

Most people state, they would hope, for the nation, and our planet, to become stronger, and better, in the future, so future generations, can enjoy it, and become the protectors, to those, who follow them! However, unfortunately, despite the empty promises, and rhetoric, of politicians, we witness, very little, real progress, in that direction! Whether, because of the nature, and character, of those, we elect, or some inherent weakness in the American political system, unless/ until, significant changes, for the better, are implemented, and utilized, we probably, will see little, true improvements! This process requires a significant degree of commitment, and will not occur overnight. There are a number of PIECES of this equation, and with that, in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what they mean, and why, we would all benefit, by a genuine effort, in this direction.

  1. Priorities; phases; planning; peace; process: This process must try to identify real priorities, so our leaders, use their planning, to implement them, effectively! Nothing, generally, changes overnight, and, therefore, it’s important to approach needed changes, in well – considered, phases! Some of these components, and ideals, must include: world peace; Climate Change protections; environmental considerations; human rights; and a greater degree of enforcement of all our Constitutional guarantees, rather than merely, doing so, selectively.
  2. Ideas; ideals/ ideology; insights; infrastructure: Doesn’t it make sense, to have a real plan, and well – considered ideas, to take care of, upgrade, and improve America’s infrastructure? Shouldn’t we demand, public leaders, align their ideals, and approaches, with the core ideology, of this nation? If our insights, focused more on becoming better, and less on partisan politics, wouldn’t most people, be, better served?
  3. Endurance; environment: If we don’t have the endurance, to take care of our environment, regulating protections, to ensure, the health, and well – being of future generations, we all lose!
  4. Climate Change; coordinate; clarity; cooperation/ change: Rather than listening to the denials, regarding Climate Change, it is imperative, that we proceed, forward, to ensure, the future survival of this planet! We must demand, elected officials, consistently, coordinate citizens’ efforts,with clarity, and stressing mutual cooperation, with the objective of creating, and implementing, change, for the better!
  5. Emphasis; excellence: Wouldn’t we, all benefit, if our emphasis, was on, creating genuine excellence, rather than, settling, merely, for good – enough?
  6. Sustainable; solutions; stronger: If, we want a better future, our combined, mindset, must focus on, creating, and implementing, the finest, sustainable solutions. Only, if/ when, we do so, will our way of life, become stronger!