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What is Our Story on Snapchat? How do you use the open feature?

What is Our Story on Snapchat? How do you use the open feature?
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Our Story on Snapchat is a open form of their famous, and often copied, Story feature.

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Stories were introduced on Snaphat so people could share snaps with a wider audience: all of their friends.

The first ever chronicle of the Snapchat app only allowed users to send Snapchats directly to their crony but with the Story underline they could finally share out their snaps where all their friends could perspective them if they wanted to.

The Our Story underline is an prolongation of that as it allows you to share your snaps with an even wider audience: the world.

What is Our Story on Snapchat? How do you use the open feature?
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Our Stories are open Snapchat stories that conform to a location, eventuality or a happening.

For example, there is always a Hyde Park story, in Hyde Park in London, if you are in the park and you take a Snapchat picture or video you are then allowed to post it to the Hyde Park story.

This snap is then accessible to perspective by anyone who wants to see the Hyde Park story, possibly they can hunt for Hyde Park on the app or they can click on Hyde Park on the Snap Map to see it.

If you contention a snap to Our Story for an event, let’s contend a unison or a compare then again people will be means to see it when they hunt the eventuality story or find it by location.

Sometimes if you are at a big event, or it’s a holiday or there is some kind of news event, then Snapchat will concede you to contention snaps to Our Story but the calm posted publicly will be curated by Snapchat.

These forms of stories will be featured in the Our Stories territory where you perspective all of your friend’s stories and the learn feed.

If one of your snaps get comparison to underline in these stories, you will receive a creation prize in your prize cabinet.

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