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The biggest problem with the iPhone 8 is that it competence cost $1,000 (AAPL)

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What a pickle.

Apple substantially wants to go all-out for its tenth anniversary iPhone when it arrives this autumn, make-up the device with new facilities and a rested design. That competence meant charging $1,000 in the US and £1,000 in the UK for a top-of-the-line device.

But its biggest rival, Samsung, has just offering up the Galaxy S8 for £689 in the UK, so Apple needs to keep pricing realistic.

Analysts are split on either Apple competence stick the $1,000 cost tag on the high-end iPhone. But a new researcher note from Longbow, sent to investors on Tuesday, offers some-more explanation that Apple should at slightest be meditative about it.

Analysts Shawn M. Harrison and Frank Carson wrote that it increasingly costs Apple some-more to make the iPhone, observant pattern changes have driven “a mid- to high-single number increase” in new years. That’s before Apple even thinks about introducing a pricier OLED display, which it reportedly will for the new iPhone, and takes a “30% boost in memory prices” into consideration.

They wrote that an OLED iPhone would cost $30 (£23) some-more to make, which would cut out many of the advantage of a aloft cost tag. The analysts wrote that introducing a aloft cost tab now would be a good thing prolonged term for Apple’s margins.

They still balked at Apple charging $1,000 for its anniversary book iPhone, but did consider an normal selling cost of $849 (£663). That’s in line with other researcher predictions of $850 (£664) to $900 (£703).

They wrote: “With a likely change in form cause for the [anniversary iPhone] with accounting for memory prices that are up 30%+, the high-end indication should lift a aloft cost indicate relations to the $769 for the iPhone 7 Plus. Whether a rumored $1,000 cost indicate becomes reality is unknown, but for a indicate of comparison, Samsung’s new S8 Plus is retailing for $840 USD and initial direct for the S8 is aloft vs. last year.”

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