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Why you shouldn’t rest on counting calories to remove weight

Eran Segal from the Weizmann Institute of Science explains since you shouldn’t rest on counting calories. Following is a twin of the video.

Eran Segal: If you take in reduction appetite than you take out, then you will remove weight. And that idea, of course, it has some law to it, but then it also oversimplifies the situation. And we know that this is also really not the full answer to it.

My name is Eran Segal. I’m a researcher at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

You can have a diet where people even eat some-more calories than some other person, nonetheless they still remove some-more weight. Then even the same person on diet A can eat, contend 2000 calories and benefit weight but then on another diet that person would eat 2500 calories but they would be losing weight.

And the reason is since the dishes in these opposite diets may be very opposite and maybe routine very differently by the individual. And it has to do with the volume of appetite that that particular may be means to remove from one diet compared to the other.

And we really consider that a pivotal aspect for measuring that has to do with your blood glucose turn response to those foods. Because that really dictates then the volume of insulin that your physique secretes and that is directly inspiring the volume of fat storage that will be caused by expenditure of these foods.

One of the reasons since you really see this materialisation that on the same food some person would benefit weight and another person would remove weight.

A lot of that we trust has to do with differences that we have in the tummy bacteria. Because the tummy germ would be estimate and being concerned in metabolizing the dishes very differently in any person.

So any of us actually has a extensive volume of opposite germ vital within the body. Some germ will flower on some food and other germ will flower on other foods.

They’re really heavily intertwined with the metabolism and have an huge impact on the estimate of food and on the health and illness and they’ve been related to many opposite diseases to obesity, to diabetes, to heart disease, and even to cancer and Urological disease.

We are still, as a systematic community, trying to know what is a good and what is a bad bacterial composition. And how we can also change that with diet.

This is a very much an active margin of investigate that we are trying to understand. But, in the meantime, we’ve been means to form people tummy bacterial combination and formed on their composition, brand dishes that would be wise and relating their own bacterial composition.

So good we still do not know the full way by which we can impact the good germ for the better. We can implement and strap the information in the tummy bacterial combination in sequence to tailor the diet of an particular to find dishes that would be optimal for that person.

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