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These inventions will help save the earth

These 10 inventions are saving the planet:

#1 This bin collects rubbish from the sea. Seabin has a siphon that creates a upsurge of water. The rubbish is held in a bag, permitting water to upsurge out back to sea.

#2 This machine crushes drink bottles into serviceable sand. 200 grams of powder from any bottle is recycled to safety beaches. 

#3 SaltWater Brewery combined succulent wrapping to save sea life. The six-pack rings are done of barley and wheat. Sea life can eat the rings safely.

#4 AIR-INK can spin air wickedness into ink. It collects CO slag from a car’s exhaust. Then it is processed into a high-quality black ink. 

#5 These succulent water blobs are biodegradable. The plug is done from a seaweed extract. A greener solution to formulating waste-free packaging.

#6 This “Ocean Cleanup” appurtenance has a hulk floating siren to capture plastic. The siren moves with the waves and has floating anchors. The plastic is all collected in the core for a vessel to remove.

#7 Avani’s biodegradable bags are saving sea life and shortening sea pollution. They are done from cassava base and healthy starches. Making them submissive for animal consumption. 

#8 This appurtenance recycles tires. They are incited into rubber particle for synthetic grass.

#9 Aquaponics combines fish tillage and hydroponics. As the fish eat and grow they furnish waste. The wastewater is given to plants as a fertilizer. The plants catch the nutrients in the water and they are returned to the fish tanks. A healthy routine to flourishing food.

#1o HomeBiogas 2.0 turns food bits into cooking gas. The gas flows from the complement directly to the kitchen stove. It can be fed up to 6 liters of rubbish and digest almost anything. HomeBiogas can also create manure that goes back into soil.


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