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DIGITAL HEALTH BRIEFING: Digital health wins big in new US spending check — Dentists can use AI to mark tooth spoil — Mobile app could help fight opioid crisis

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 On Friday, US President Donald Trump
sealed a new spending check into law that could yield massive
tailwinds for the enlargement of digital health solutions, such as
according to Healthcare IT News. This is likely the first
time a finish spending package that expands telehealth access
to Medicare beneficiaries has been passed, HIMSS comparison director
of congressional affairs Samantha Burch said. Budget
appropriators will have until Mar 23 to appropriate how the
check will be allocated.

Why is this important?

The new spending check includes the CHRONIC
Care Act, which extends and expands the delivery of
telehealth to Medicare Advantage (MA) beneficiaries from 2020
onward. It will vastly urge entrance to telehealth options for
the some-more than 19 million consumers in the US enrolled in MA.
Telehealth includes things like virtual care, telemedicine, and
remote studious monitoring, which can help physicians and patients
better guard ongoing illnesses — the heading means of death and
incapacity in the US, according
to the CDC.

How will this impact the digital health

Chronic illnesses are the biggest aria on the healthcare
accounting for 86% of the $2.7 trillion spent in annual
health caring costs in the US in 2014 alone. Aging populations and
the ongoing decrease in approach caring workers means this aria is
only getting worse. Broadening the use of telemedicine could help
revoke these costs, by enabling patients to bond more
frequently with their physicians and caring providers, without
having to travel.

Moreover, the new check addresses some of the gaps in telemedicine
reimbursement, which could help drive an uptick in provider
adoption and use of telehealth record — payment is a
top separator preventing endless provider adoption of telehealth
and telemedicine. For example, the new check would enhance access
to stroke telemedicine services, definition that providers would get
reimbursed for neurological consultations around telemedicine,
something that wasn’t covered by MA in the past, FierceHealthcare

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  ParallelDots, the synthetic intelligence
(AI) company, has started the clinical deployment of its
cloud-based AI application, Dentistry.AI, for detecting cavities
on dental x-rays, according to the Chicago Evening Post. The
solution integrates with ordinarily used imaging program by
dental clinics to automatically entrance studious x-rays.
Dentistry.AI then pinpoints areas that have a high
probability of dental caries, also referred to as tooth
decay. Dentists can use this feedback to concentration on these problem
areas when serve examining the patient. The apparatus can be used
to improve what is a relatively flawed routine —
studies have found that 20%-40% of cavities are undetected in a
standard clinical setting, even when dentists use digital
radiography. Dentistry.AI could help revoke costs
associated with complications from missed cavities or
the need to run some-more tests in the future — sum US dental
expenditures have increasing 7% from 2014 to strech $124 billion in
2016, according
to the American Dental Association. That’s after several years of
being flat. 

DrFirst, a provider of electronic
remedy and remedy government solutions, launched

mobile app that allows physicians
to allot drugs and tranquil substances while complying with
state remedy drug monitoring program (PDMP) requirements.
The app also gives providers entrance to 24-months of patients’
medication history, insurance information, and PDMP
databases. Having this 
easily accessible will capacitate physicians to save time during
the prescribing process, boost remedy adherence, and
yield some-more sensitive caring to fight opioid overprescribing.
Digital solutions like this will continue to hoard seductiveness from
the medical village as elucidate the opioid predicament stays a
major idea for the whole country — in the US, some-more than 1,000
people are certified to emergency bedrooms due to
opioid addiction any day, according to information from CDC cited
by DrFirst.

 Researchers at the Icahn School of
Medicine at Mount Sinai have lerned a appurtenance training algorithm
to know clinical concepts in a radiology report,
according to HIT Consultant. The researchers used some-more than
96,000 radiologist reports to sight the mechanism software, which
encapsulated the accumulation of denunciation used in reports, according
to the study published last week in the biography Radiology. The
study could lay the substructure for the training of future AI
systems to review medical reports. The information in the reports
can be incited into data, which can help the AI yield clinical
decision support for physicians. This is just the latest example
of how providers and payers are branch to AI to urge workflow
efficiency, lessen nonessential hospital visits, and better
rivet patients. And while the adoption of AI in medical is
still very nascent, it continues to benefit momentum. Healthcare AI
VC understanding volume and appropriation hit a five-year high in 2016, with
almost $800 million in investments opposite 90 deals, according to
TM Capital.

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