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Payment label startup Plastc took £10 million from investors and business … and then just disappeared


Angry business who gave smart credit label company
Plastc $9 million (£7 million) in pre-orders and then
abruptly close down are anticipating to sue the company. Venture capital
investors had also sunk a reported £3.3 million ($4.3 million)
into the fintech startup.

Plastc betrothed its label device could store information from up
to 20 other remuneration cards, saving business the worry of
carrying wallets filled with opposite cards. But the Palo Alto,
California, company announced yesterday on its site that it was
deliberation bankruptcy, after unwell to close two Series A
appropriation rounds. It has “let go” all of its employees, and shut
down its social media channels.

Now Plastc’s business wish to file a category movement lawsuit
against the company, which they report as “a scam.” Each card
cost $155, and in its terms of conditions Plastc settled that
pre-orders were “non-refundable.” It hasn’t pronounced either it will
give income back to customers.

One angry patron has set up a Facebook page called “Plastc Class Action Lawsuit”, and is
enlivening others to join the case. According to one update: “A
category movement lawsuit is being started against Plastc to ensure
anyone who pre-ordered will accept their income back.”

A after refurbish advises unhappy backers to keep copies of all
their communications with Plastc on file.

One commenter wrote: “I don’t caring about the $155 but we wish this
jester to be held accountable even if the lawyers are the [ones] that get paid. It does seem this was a fraud for a while since
[CEO Ryan Marquis] was always very evasive. There is no way
investors would lift out from this days before shipping but I’m
certain they saw something we don’t know about that hopefully would
come out in the authorised proceedings.”

There is little snippet left of Plastc online, solely for furious
business commenting on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

The company close down its @PlastcInc Twitter hoop in the last
24 hours and deleted the PlastcInc Facebook page. CEO Ryan
Marquis also deleted his personal Twitter account. All that’s
left of Plastc’s website is a notice patrician “We Regret to Inform
You…” and the company’s full statement, which you can read

If you hunt for “@PlastcInc” on Twitter, you’ll see lots of
comments like this:


According to Crunchbase and other public
records, Plastc’s venture backers invested $4.3 million (£3.3
million) in the company. Backers enclosed Mitsubishi, Grayhawk
Capital, Peninsula Ventures, IncWell, and ZenStone Venture
Capital. Of these, IncWell and Greyhawk
list Plastc among their portfolio companies, while
Peninsula Ventures partner Gregory Ennis
is listed as a Plastc house member.

Here’s the notice from Plastc in full:

Important Notice

We Regret to Inform You…
For the past 3 years, the idea here at Plastc was to build and
broach the many technically desirous smart label on the planet.
After making huge leaps in development, product innovation
and swell towards the goal, Plastc has tired all of its
options to lift the income it needs to continue.

Plastc, Inc. is exploring options to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
and will stop operations on Apr 20, 2017.

While we have depressed brief of the goal, we are unapproachable of the team
and the bid that went into building a operative Plastc Card.
However, but the required collateral to continue, all employees
have been let go, which means that Customer Care and Social Media
channels are unmanned or have been close down.

How We Got Here:
We were awaiting to close a $3.5 million Series A appropriation round
on Feb 28, 2017. There are functioning Plastc Cards, which
were demonstrated to the investors and the backers, and the
collateral was to be allocated for the mass prolongation and shipping
of Plastc Cards to pre-order customers. At first, the principal
investment organisation deferred their investment and a couple of weeks
after the turn fell apart.

After the initial appropriation was unavailable, Plastc done progress
with another financier who offering $6.75 million. This understanding was
scheduled to close last week and would propel growth across
the finish line, as good as concede for Plastc Card pre-orders to
be shipped and for prolongation to continue into a sell phase.

However, once again at the very last minute, the financier gave us
notice that they have motionless revoke their investment offer. The
turn was a signature divided from shutting and we were extremely
held off ensure when they told us yesterday they were
subsidy out. Our existent investors kept us alive and functioning
as prolonged as they could during this fundraising process, but in the
end, we indispensable new outward collateral to get into production.

What This Means For Backers:
It’s been a prolonged highway with a lot of obstacles. The support of our
extraordinary backers has been incredible, which creates this
proclamation even harder. We were so impossibly prepared for
prolongation in sequence to hit the deadlines but but collateral it
is unfit for us to pierce brazen and we will not be means to perform any

We are unhappy and emotionally distraught, and while we know
this is intensely unsatisfactory for you, we wish the backers to
know that we did all we could to make Plastc Card a

– Plastc Inc.

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