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I have a problem with my MacBook Pro keyboard — and Apple’s central fix is absurd (AAPL)

  • Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro use a tradition keyboard
  • Sometimes, dirt or other tiny particles can get stuck
    under the spacebar and make it unresponsive.
  • Apple’s endorsed fix is to fundamentally spin the entire
    keyboard scarcely straight and blast it with air until the
    molecule eventually falls out. 

Macbook ProHollis Johnson/Business

New Apple laptops expelled in the past two years have a keyboard
pattern that enables the laptops to be thinner than ever with
incomparable keys than before. 

However, people are starting to report one specific problem with
the new MacBook keyboard design.

Sometimes, the space bar feels like there’s something stuck under
it, and it won’t click or register a space. It feels different
from the other keys. 

At least, that’s how it infrequently feels on my new MacBook Pro.
I’ve wondered if a singular poppy seed got stuck under my space

It’s wholly probable it’s my error — we have been famous to
use a unwashed keyboard. Regardless, it’s intensely annoying.
(The space bar is the the
most-used pivotal on the keyboard.)

Here’s how
The Outline described the problem in a post that kicked off a
call of people observant that they have the problem too: 

“A piece of dirt is able of digest a moth switch
nonfunctional. The pivotal won’t click, and it won’t register
whatever authority it’s ostensible to be typing. It’s effectively
passed until someone can possibly shake lax the waste trapped
under it or blow at the inverted keyboard Nintendo-cartridge

There’s even a satire strain about the problem: 

Apple’s solution is absurd 

Of course, lots of computers have problems. Other non-Apple
keyboards can have issues, too. In many cases, people with the
many simple mechanism regulating skills can cocktail a normal pivotal off a
keyboard to solve the issue. 

Not so with Apple’s new “butterfly keyboard” on the MacBook and
MacBook Pro. It feels like if you mislay a key, you’ll mangle the
keyboard forever. 

So here’s what
Apple recommends you do: 

macbook cleaning keyboard front 75angleApple

Apple recommends you take your laptop — some models cost
thousands of dollars, mind you — spin it scarcely vertical, and
then make 3 passes with a can of compressed air. 

macbook cleaning keyboard right sideApple

we tried this, and it didn’t fix the problem. we have no thought how
big the molecule is that’s under my space bar that’s causing the
problem — and we did feel flattering stupid holding my laptop like

So now, according to Apple, my only option is to revisit an Apple
store or certified service provider, which, as The Outline
reported, could confirm the fix is to charge me hundreds of
dollars and reinstate the computer’s whole “top case.” Or, we could
keep mashing the space bar and wish the problem works itself out,
saving myself money, time, and the probability that we have to
send my costly laptop divided for service. 

Apple’s designs can be beautiful, and its network of stores makes
getting peculiarity service for a mechanism easy. we positively don’t
have the imagination to fix many problems with Apple products, and
we like how skinny my new MacBook Pro is. Still, this is a
frustrating problem since a keyboard is the kind of physical
interface that you would consider requires just a tiny fix.
Keyboards are overwhelmed by human fingers all the time.

we wish that when Apple redesigns its keyboard once again, it will
embody user correct as a pattern priority. 

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