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House of Fraser is pulling a £29 million investment in challenger bank Tandem over China concerns

Ricky Knox, Tandem.
Ricky Knox,


LONDON — House of Fraser’s Chinese owners have pulled £29 million
of a £35 million investment in UK challenger bank Tandem over
concerns that the Chinese supervision could object.

House of Fraser, which is owned by Chinese organisation Sanpower,
announced in Dec that it was
investing £35 million in Tandem, a London-based startup trying to
build an app-only bank.

Tandem announced on Monday that Fraser Financial Services Limited
is cancelling the second tranche of investment “due to
doubt about either China’s State Administration of Foreign
Exchange would approve the transaction.” Sanpower is reportedly
endangered about the Chinese supervision restricting outbound

Beijing signalled
plans to quell Chinese firms’ investment in unfamiliar assets

shortly after the Tandem understanding was announced in December. Chinese
companies invested £130 billion abroad last year but domestic
mercantile expansion is slowing, call the supervision to encourage
some-more central investment.

The financial service arm of dialect store House of Fraser has
already invested £6 million in Tandem but it will leave the
startup bank with a appropriation shortfall of £29 million. It means
Tandem will skip the deadline for some mandate of its
banking looseness and have to reapply,
according to City AM which first reported the news.

As a result, Tandem is loitering the launch of its savings
product, which was approaching imminently. The startup bank will
shortly recover an app to help people conduct their income and
credit cards are still approaching after this year.

Ricky Knox, Founder of Tandem, says in a statement:

“While this investment not completing is unsatisfactory it does
not change the vision: to build a service that helps our
business urge their lives with income and a business that
delivers long-term earnings for the investors.

“The only change for business is that we will no longer be
rising assets accounts in the brief term. Our app will still
help the business conduct their income better and actually find
them cash, and the satisfactory credit label will launch in a few months.
We will be in a position to fast re-apply for the permissions
to offer assets accounts at the right time for the customers.”

Business Insider reported last week that Tandem
recently done around 10 redundancies
in a bid to revoke its
bake rate.
CEO Peter Herbert also recently retired
, with Knox set to
reinstate him. Tandem says in Monday’s recover that it will now
demeanour to restructure its business “to safeguard a parsimonious concentration on
delivering its patron prophesy and bringing its products to the
marketplace as fast as possible.”

City AM reports
that Tandem is looking for new investors
after the pulling of the House of Fraser funding, which
reportedly happened over the weekend. Tandem has lifted £39
million to date from investors including eBay founder Pierre

told Business Insider progressing this year
that the House of
Fraser investment was partly about pitching Tandem to the
dialect store’s business to help supplement value to the
relationship. House of Fraser stays a vital financier and
Tandem says in Monday’s release: “The vital partnership to
make a new era of financial services products accessible to
House of Fraser’s multi-million patron bottom stays a priority
for both parties.”

Tandem, founded in 2014, is one of a series of app-only banks set
up in new years. Others embody Monzo, Atom, and Starling,

which last week launched its mobile app and stream accounts.

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