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Google is sharpening its fight with Facebook with its own chronicle of the news feed (GOOG, GOOGL, FB)

google feedMeet the Google Feed. You can get here by swiping upwards in the Google app for iOS and AndroidGoogle

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has pronounced he wants to offer a personalized Google to everybody who interacts with the company’s services.

On Wednesday, the hunt giant will take a big step toward realizing that vision. It’s rising Google Feed, a stream of news articles, videos, and links customized for particular users that it will broach through the Google app for iPhone and Android devices. 

As you may theory from the name, Google Feed is a lot like Facebook’s heading news feed, the place where many millions of the social network’s users get the latest updates from their friends and about the universe at large. Given that Facebook is Google’s biggest rival in both online video and online advertising, it’s no consternation the hunt hulk is charity up its own version.

The difference: Where Facebook’s news feed relies mostly on links posted by users’ friends, Google Feed is powered by the company’s almighty algorithm — and all the information it’s collected on particular users. Google already has a flattering good hoop on the things you hunt for online, and now it’s going to use that believe to show you what it thinks you need to know.

“It’s not about what your friends are meddlesome in, which is what other feeds competence be,” Google VP of Engineering Ben Gomes pronounced at a press discussion at the company’s San Francisco offices progressing this week.

Oh, and if you were wondering: No, Google Feed won’t offer you ads, at slightest at launch. So, for the time being, that’s another disproportion between Facebook and the Google Feed.

Now and again

This isn’t Google’s first impulse at charity a news feed. Google Feed is radically an upgraded chronicle of Google Now, which has been in operation given 2012. Like Google Now, Google Feed is designed to be a one-stop shop for whatever you competence need to know in that moment.

The mission, pronounced Google VP of Engineering Shashi Khakur, is “keeping you in the know when you’re not searching.”

For instance, if you’re meddlesome in Spider-Man, Google Feed will show you not only the newest trailer for “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” but also showtimes for the film at the nearest theater. 

google feed followNow, when you hunt for certain topics in Google, you’ll have the option to “follow” — so some-more information will seem in your Google Feed.Google

There are some niftier things, too. Years ago, Google Senior Product Manager Karen Corby geeked out on “The Glass Castle,” a 2005 discourse by Jeannette Walls. She was really into it, acid for all she could learn about the book and its author.

“And then we kind of forgot about it. Because it was a while ago,” Corby said.

A Hollywood instrumentation of “The Glass Castle” is now in the works. Although Corby wasn’t wakeful of it and hadn’t suspicion about the book in a while, Google Feed remembered her progressing unrestrained for it and posted a trailer of the film to her feed.

But Google Feed isn’t just good at remembering your old passions. Because Google has discernment into much of your online life, it can also give you information when it thinks you are in the right time and place to accept it. For example, if it detects that you just booked a outing to London, it competence fill your feed with recommendations on things to do on your vacation. 

“We design this to be a clever differentiator over other information streams out there,” says Khakur.

Although Google will primarily offer Feed by its smartphone apps, it plans to eventually offer a web chronicle of the service for PC users. Owners of Google’s Pixel phone will be means to entrance Feed by the Pixel Launcher by just swiping right from the home screen.

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