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From Twitter to Tumblr: the 10 best social media platforms ranked

From Twitter to Tumblr: the 10 best social media platforms ranked
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These days social media seems to be as much a partial of life as respirating oxygen.

Many people are partial of at slightest one social media height and use them to display almost every aspect of life for the universe to see.

Some social media platforms are better than others and having the top volume of worldwide users doesn’t indispensably make for the best social media app.

As a self-confessed social media addict we am some-more than informed with the usability, functions and party value any social media height has to offer.

Here are the cream of the crop of the social media universe ranked.

10. Myspace

Many competence not have expected to find the infamously neglected Myspace on a social media ranking in 2018, but this underrated height stays one of the best available.

That’s down to the classical format that includes having a personal profile, adding friends, posting calm and messaging which are elements that first became renouned on Myspace in the early days of the social media revolution.

Over the past decade, the site was deserted in foster of its closest rival Facebook, and this in spin meant MySpace unsuccessful to rise and develop into a social media height which would meet todays ubiquitous expectations.

That isn’t to contend the MySpace height isn’t though enjoyment, generally for musicians seeking promotion, networking and communication with fans.

As of 2018 it is believed that the once many renouned social media site in the universe has about 28million users in the US.

9. Tumblr

Tumblr is famous as a height that combines both social networking and microblogging.

Users of this social media opening can enjoy posting multimedia calm on whichever subjects they enterprise to create their own short-form blog, while interacting with other Tumblr users and the calm they produce.

Tumblr can be a good place to share thoughts and creativity with likeminded users, however in new years the site has notoriously turn infiltrated by excitable outrage culture, which in my perspective creates for a reduction silken user experience.

In 2018 investigate showed that Tumblr has a whopping 500million users.

8. Pinterest

From Twitter to Tumblr: the 10 best social media platforms ranked
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Pinterest is a singular social media charity due to its primary purpose of providing impulse as against to pity personal information.

Users of this social media height can enjoy browsing, uploading and saving items, designs, recipes and much some-more in the wish of combining a catalog of ideas.

The potential downside of Pinterest is having to filter by the immeasurable volume of calm to find what you’re looking for.

Despite this, Pinterest has approved itself as a social media juggernaut and has reached a important 200million active monthly users.

7. LinkedIn

From Twitter to Tumblr: the 10 best social media platforms ranked
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Although a some-more grown-up member of the social media family, LinkedIn is simply one of the best platforms when it comes to networking.

LinkedIn acts a service that enables users to bond with intensity employers and recruiters, learn opportunities in careers and networking, and, of course, to showcase yourself on a veteran level.

There’s a miss social communication enjoyed on some-more witty platforms, but, due to the some-more veteran inlet of the site, this is indeed the point.

6. Vine

From Twitter to Tumblr: the 10 best social media platforms ranked
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In 2017 the strange Vine app and website strictly close down – but that doesn’t meant this social media height doesn’t validate as one of the best.

The elementary format of Vine allowed users to create six-second videos containing whatever calm their hearts desired, nonetheless this meant users were unprotected to a lot of less-than-inspiring videos.

It also challenged users of the app to upload intensely artistic and waggish Vines, many of which have turn viral classics.

Fans of the app are energetically accessible its quip after Vine founder Dom Hofmann suggested a follow-up, now famous as v2, is in the works.

5. Snapchat

From Twitter to Tumblr: the 10 best social media platforms ranked
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Although this app has left from strength to strength in new years, amounting a sum of 300million worldwide users, it still falls brief compared to it’s closest competitors.

One could disagree Snapchat is one of the many innovative apps after the introduction of stories and proxy messaging – something other incomparable platforms have given replicated.

But users not having an option to record their calm is, in my view, unpropitious to the altogether user experience, not to discuss the introduction of updates that in new days have perceived recoil due to the treacherous interface.

4. Youtube

From Twitter to Tumblr: the 10 best social media platforms ranked
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Casual Youtube users maybe wouldn’t consider the height to be partial of the social media family.

That, however is not the case and this majorly renouned video pity site now has about 1.5billion active users every month.

Although Youtube can be an unusually interesting social media platform, the social communication component of the website and app is singular to the notoriously poisonous comments section.

The certain side of Youtube very much outweighs the disastrous with the unconstrained intriguing calm on offer for users, much of which is constructed by gifted calm creators who operation from make-up experts to comedy stars.

3. Instagram

From Twitter to Tumblr: the 10 best social media platforms ranked
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As of 2018 the renouned photo pity app Instagram has racked up about 800million users and, nonetheless the app is in many ways built on the thought of vanity, Instagram is simply one of the many beguiling social media platforms available.

It could be argued that Instagram’s concentration on imagery restricts the social communication that can be enjoyed by a elementary Facebook standing or tweet, but the concentration on photo pity and modifying is what creates the app mount out among its peers.

Instagram is a place where producing aesthetically appreciative and artistic imagery is celebrated, which elevates the app as the best visible social media height on offer.

2. Facebook

From Twitter to Tumblr: the 10 best social media platforms ranked
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Facebook, nonetheless not the first, is deliberate by many as the OG social media platform.

This huge social media website and app has some-more than 2billion active users and allows users to request their lives, bond with others and demonstrate their thoughts by statuses and visuals.

In further to the elemental uses of Facebook, users can also enjoy present messaging, watch videos and keep present with the daily news cycle – an component of Facebook which has recently come under fire due to fake domestic promotion being widespread around the site.

Despite its flaws, the immeasurable volume of offerings Facebook gives its users is precisely the reason because it stays one of the very best social media platforms.

1. Twitter

Twitter tops this social media ranking due to its singular multiple of social communication and instantaneous content.

Although tweeting can be compared to other forms of social media posting, the component of enjoying trending topics in the universe of cocktail enlightenment and politics is something Twitter has mastered.

The 330million Twitter users can enjoy daily communication with their supporters as good as a infrequently weird spectrum of calm trimming from waggish memes to in-depth politics.

Like Facebook, it has come under inspection in new years due to goblin and bot accounts that aim to pull a certain domestic agenda.

But, holding all elements into account, it’s transparent that Twitter is the higher social media height and, with the significance of the app rising any day in the universe of stream events, that isn’t likely to change any time soon.

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