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Why Canada’s handsome, feminist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is unresolved out with tech billionaire Marc Benioff (CRM)

Marc Benioff, Justin Trudeau
CEO Marc Benioff (left) with Canadian Prime Minister Justin


  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hanging
    with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff in San Francisco on
  • Salesforce has committed to spend $2 billion in Canada
    over the next few years, formulating thousands of jobs.
  • But the two are also entertainment other business people
    together to plead a some-more domestic agenda.

Fresh from his stirring debate on women’s rights at the Economic
Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Canadian Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau is furloughed the US.

On Thursday, his outing took him to San Francisco to
meet with several tech attention bigwigs, including Salesforce
CEO Marc Benioff at the company’s new headquarters.

The sincere reason for the assembly was to applaud Salesforce’s
joining to deposit $2 billion in Canada over the next five
years, building out its information centers and adding to its workforce
there. Salesforce now employs 1,300 people in Canada. While
the company didn’t publicly dedicate to a specific series of new
jobs, it quoted marketplace investigate that distributed that its
enlargement in the country will lead to 28,000 new jobs and
$17 billion in new income in Canada by 2022, when calculating
all things like contracts with Salesforce partners and tech
bought by Salesforce customers.

But the underlying reason for the revisit is a bit some-more subtle.
Benioff is hosting a roundtable with Trudeau and other business
leaders to plead a subject that he has been vocally
championing: the significance of farrago and equality, the
pronounced in a statement.

A couple of years ago, Benioff famously went to bat against
several state laws that would concede business to exclude service to
people formed on passionate course under the powerful of
eremite freedom. That enclosed a showdown in Indiana over such
a law, back when Vice President Mike Pence was that state’s

And Benioff has been heading a charge on equal compensate for women,
ensuring that Salesforce pays women the same as men and
advocating other companies plead the conditions and make similar

Trudeau is also famous for being outspoken on women’s rights. His
debate at the World Economic Forum last month discussed new
Canadian legislation that mandated equal compensate for women and
advocated for “equal treatment” of women in the workplace. 

Trudeau also penned an letter for Marie Claire repository called
“Why I’m Raising My Kids to Be Feminists.” In it, he wrote,”I
wish my sons to shun the vigour to be a sold kind of
manly that is so deleterious to men and to the people around

So the assembly is clearly a multiple of business commitments
and politics, with Benioff

“I am anxious to acquire Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
to Salesforce San Francisco on Thursday! Thank you for your
fight for the equivalence every human being. Thank you for fighting
the refuge of the global sourroundings and the oceans. And
Thank you for Neil Young.”

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