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Salesforce hired a DJ to siphon beats for employees on ‘move-in’ day at its hulk new San Francisco building (CRM)

the DJ

Business Insider/Becky

  • Salesforce non-stop its new offices in Salesforce Tower
    on Monday with pushing including a live DJ and a photo
  • At 1,070 feet and 61-stories
    Salesforce Tower is the biggest building in
    San Francisco. It’s totally changed the city’s
  • Only two floors worth of people changed in Monday, but
    Salesforce is leasing half of the building.

SAN FRANCISCO — Salesforce employees changed in to their new home
in the recently-erected Salesforce Tower on Monday, greeted by
complicated sheets of rain and the rousing beats of DJ Cameron.

Cameron, a internal DJ hired by the company for move-in day, eagerly
pumped out a soundtrack for the migrating workforce. A span of
staffers nearby manned a photo counter that remade the
wet, newly-arrived employees into charcterised GIF images that danced
alongside an
protracted reality bear.

In classical Salesforce style, the stage in the run sought to
create fad around a miracle day in the company’s
history. The 61-story Salesforce Tower is the centerpiece of the
$79 billion company’s new San Francisco headquarters. The
radiant potion building dominates the San Francisco skyline,
underscoring the company’s standing as one of the city’s iconic
companies and biggest employers.

Salesforce Tower

Despite the fanfare, only two floors of employees at the software
company started their work week in the newly non-stop skyscraper on
Monday, according to a lady operative in the lobby. And by late
morning, there was little foot traffic besides a few people who
work for the building. 

Salesforce wouldn’t endorse a headcount or which teams are moving
into the new building. But the company, which employs around
25,000 people, has a
franchise for half the space in the 61-story building. 

Now, employees in San Francisco will widespread between five
buildings in downtown San Francisco: Salesforce East, Salesforce
West, and Salesforce Tower — which are all within a retard of one
another in the SoMa neighborhood; and Landmark and Rincon, two
apart buildings a 5 notation walk and a few blocks from the

Everywhere we am in this city, we can see this tower

A few construction workers milled about at the hulk building on
Monday morning, arranging seat circuitously the opening of the
building, which
first pennyless ground for construction in Mar 2013. One
man in a construction helmet pronounced his group is just putting some
finishing touches on the building, which
tower1,070 feet above the city.

Salesforce_4.JPGBusiness Insider/Becky

Founded by outspoken CEO Marc Benioff, Salesforce is famous for
its surprising workplace amenities. One room on every building of a
circuitously Salesforce bureau building
is indifferent for meditation, and a sect of monks in brown
robes regularly tend
to visitors as the company’s annual patron conference.

The top building of the new building is called the Ohana Floor, a
curtsy to the company’s community-centric enlightenment and Benioff’s
mania with Hawaii. (Ohana means “family” in Hawaiian.)
Salesforce will concede nonprofit groups and nongovernmental
organizations to lease the eventuality space for free.

Benioff was nowhere to be seen at Monday’s pierce in day, and it’s
not transparent if his bureau will be in the tower. 

“I can’t tell you how many times people contend to me, ‘Well, where’s
your bureau going to be on the top floor?’ we don’t have an office
on the top floor!”
Benioff pronounced at a rite for the building in April.

One thing is certain though, Benioff is gratified with the attention
the building is getting: “It seems like everywhere we am in this city
or around the Bay, we can see this tower,” he pronounced at the April

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