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$8,000 A MONTH: The 15 top profitable tech internships in the US

facebook internsA newly hired Facebook novice works alongside his colleague.Facebook/YouTube

Summer is almost on us and with it comes summer internships.

The tech attention is famous for its internships. With more open jobs than the attention can fill, companies use internship programs to director for talent and to give them a leg up when making offers to graduates.

And that means interns in tech are up for some flattering sparkling experiences, full of engaging work, parties, and good pay.

Job sport site Glassdoor sifted by its hulk databases of self-reported salaries to come up with this list of the best-paying tech internships, formed on at slightest 25 income reports in US dollars by US-based interns in the past year.

In cases where companies offering the same median monthly pay, the company with the larger series of income reports entered by former interns into Glassdoor’s site receives aloft rank.

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