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‘Earth Wind’ Bathes the Moon with Oxygen


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To study the ancient story of the Earth, we should demeanour to the moon.

A new study from Japanese researchers reveals that for the past 2.4 billion years, the moon has been bathed in a stream of oxygen particles nude from the Earth’s atmosphere. By mixing measurements taken with the lunar orbiter Kaguya and studies of lunar rocks, researchers infer that Earth contributes it’s own singular sniff of elements to the moon’s surface. The commentary adds estimable explanation to the speculation that solar winds can lift particles of human origins all the way to the lunar surface.


An painting of Earth’s captivating margin and the plasma piece combined by the solar breeze that extends distant behind us. (Credit: Osaka Univ./NASA)

The Earth is constantly bombarded by a stream of charged particles emanating from the sun, called a solar wind, which is obliged for auroras. Earth’s magnetic margin provides a burble of insurance from these charged particles as they are diverted around the planet. When Earth passes between the object and the moon, the moon is quickly stable from the solar wind. During this time, particles ripped from the top layers of the Earth’s atmosphere can land on the moon, planted in the topmost covering of lunar soil. Over the march of millions of years, these particles would come to represent a timeline of the planet’s atmosphere that researchers competence be means to read.

Previous studies of lunar rocks have found snippet amounts of nitrogen, oxygen and eminent gases with isotopic compositions that compare those found on Earth; however, it wasn’t transparent if they came from Earth. To infer solar wind-assisted deposition was responsible, the researchers used instruments aboard Kaguya to brand particles that passed by during that brief window when the moon hides behind Earth, safeguarded from the solar wind. The oxygen ions passing through at that time looked totally opposite than the ones that came from the sun, and, since the Earth was right in the way, this indicated that they came from us. They published their findings Monday in Nature Astronomy.

The combination of Earth’s oxygen is singular since it is the outcome of biological processes that have no famous correlates anywhere else in the universe. If the lunar oxygen molecules could have come from nowhere else, we should be means to use them to puncture into the moon and counterpart back by the story of the Earth’s atmosphere—all the way to the time oxygen first seemed some 2.4 billion years ago. This could potentially give us insights into the swell of biological life as it developed and widespread opposite the planet.

Still to come are serve experiments into the combination of lunar dirt to provoke out accurately which elements come from Earth. Because the moon floats in the protecting arise for 5 days out of every orbit, the contributions from Earth’s atmosphere are likely to be overshadowed by the particles emanating from the sun. If we can successfully compute the human and solar, scientists may be rewarded with a glimpse back into the atmosphere of an Earth very opposite from the one we live today.

  • Over the march of millions of years, these particles would come to represent a timeline of the planet’s atmosphere that researchers competence be means to read.” unless lunar regolith were uneasy by things crashing into the moon and distributing particulates, moon and impactor.

    One can test Earth’s possibility of vast impactor prevent by watching regolith stratification anomalies – with no atmosphere to stop anything at any scale. One suspects “timeline” studies are essentially flawed.

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