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3 things that could be making you unhappy

Dr. Alan Schlechter, author of “U Thrive: How to Succeed in College (And Life),” is also the highbrow of the many renouned elective category at New York University called “The Science of Happiness.” He explains the things you should stop doing if you wish to be happier. Following is a …

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A former McKinsey partner says if you can’t make a hole in your to-do list, you’re substantially meditative about it all wrong

Things take longer than you think, says Caroline Webb, pictured. Courtesy of Caroline Webb Every so mostly I’ll try “time blocking”: scheduling different tasks into my workday instead of essay them down and anticipating they’ll get finished at some point. In theory, this strategy is brilliant. And nonetheless we frequency …

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The smartphone is eventually going to die — this is Mark Zuckerberg’s crazy prophesy for what comes next (FB)

At this week’s Facebook F8 discussion in San Jose, Mark Zuckerberg doubled down on his crazy desirous 10-year devise for the company, first revealed in Apr 2016. Here’s the stream chronicle of that roadmap, suggested by Zuckerberg this week:  Screenshot/Facebook Basically, Zuckerberg’s uses this roadmap to demonstrate Facebook’s three-stage diversion devise in …

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Here’s how to get accurate on Twitter (TWTR)

Twitter That little blue checkmark next to a Twitter hoop has prolonged been held in high esteem. Originally indifferent for the likes of Tony Hawk, San Francisco 311, and NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, the checkmark, which denotes a accurate account, has turn a standing symbol. But it’s prolonged been …

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