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Japanese banks fastener with ultra-low seductiveness rates

BANKS the universe over are wrestling with low seductiveness rates. Nowhere have they grappled for longer than in Japan. Although the Bank of Japan (BoJ) introduced disastrous rates only in January, almost 20 months after the European Central Bank, its rates have been ultra-low for years: they first hit 0 …

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A molecule accelerator in the Middle East

THE hills 30km north-west of Amman, Jordan’s capital, are home to a spectacle of systematic tact called Sesame. Proposals to build this device, the world’s many politically diligent molecule accelerator, date back scarcely 20 years. The check is understandable. Israel, Iran and the Palestinian Authority, 3 of the project’s 9 …

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Pastor accused of disciplining 12-year-old with two-by-four

A Minneapolis priest and his son were arrested for disciplining a 12-year-old with a two-by-four since the child “wanted to test God.” Dong Wook Kim and his 19-year-old son Joo Seong Kim are accused of using the wooden lumber and an electrical cord to regularly hit the youngster in the …

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Man arrested for blazing church with ‘Vote Trump’ graffiti

A parishioner at a historically black church spray-painted with the difference “Vote Trump” has been accused of setting it on fire. Andrew McClinton is accused of arson against the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church on Nov. 1, shortly before the election of Donald Trump. Andrew McClinton was charged in the arson. …

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70 N.M. Health Dept. employees get sick after holiday party

Dozens of Health Department employees in New Mexico became ill following its holiday party last week. Investigators have not identified a infested food that wreaked massacre at the Harold Runnels Building in Santa Fe, but trust the conflict was caused by germ cereus or clostridium perfingens, bacterias that means food-borne …

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New Jersey man accused in two murders suspected in third killing

An accused New Jersey double-murderer is now suspected in a third killing — and may be related to some-more deaths. Khalil Wheeler-Weaver, 20, is under review for the slaying of a teenage Philadelphia harlot whose burned physique was left inside an deserted building in Orange, N.J., WNBC-TV reported Wednesday. Sources …

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