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The Science is Clear, Torture Doesn’t Work

Whether it’s the classical “good cop, bad cop” unfolding played out in large TV dramas or the psychological mind games that make True Detective‘s Rust Cohle such a chillingly effective detective, interrogators manipulate their trade with a operation of intelligent tricks. This is to contend zero of the “enhanced interrogation” techniques …

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When You’re Drowsy, Is Your Brain Partly Asleep?

When we’re feeling very tired, we infrequently acknowledgement that we’re “half-asleep”. But is this some-more than just a figure of speech? A new paper suggests that tools of the brain may actually ‘fall asleep’ even while we’re still awake. According to researchers Jeremy D. Slater and colleagues of the University …

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New Hope for Autoimmune Disease Treatment with Citizen Science

Screen images from the Autoimmune Citizen Science app. Nearly 50 million Americans live with one or some-more of 80 famous autoimmune disorders, conditions in which the body’s defence complement attacks healthy cells or tissues. Though widespread, the hunt for treatments for these conditions can be involved and frustrating. Autoimmune Citizen …

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Anti-abortion protesters wish for change under Donald Trump

“IT’S been a prolonged time coming,” pronounced Carol Anne Jones, as she stood in front of the Supreme Court dressed in gloomy black and waved a tiny placard: “Abortion’s a choice—to murder”. Every year given 1974, anti-abortionists have collected in the collateral to criticism the court’s decision, finished the prior …

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