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The Arctic in the Age of Trump

“I am aroused this will impact the Arctic in ways that we have not seen yet” — Margot Wallström, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden Donald J. Trump walks out of the U.S. Capitol to be sworn in as America’s 45th President. (Source: White House Facebook page) Note: I’ve created …

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Fallout from an Ancient Asteroid Collision Still Rains on Earth

(Credit: NASA/JPL/Caltech) Extraterrestrial objects are constantly bombarding Earth; thankfully the immeasurable infancy are microscopic. Thanks to the planet’s atmosphere, we live mostly unknowingly of this astronomical fusillade, which averages about 100 tons a day and mostly browns up prolonged before attack the ground. From the few that do make impact, researchers can …

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Powerful narcissists (ahem) tend towards overconfidence.

Image:Flickr/Gage Skidmore In this study (that couldn’t presumably have been desirous by new domestic events*), scientists from the University of Georgia report that that energy and complacency lead to overconfidence. To test this idea, they conducted a series of 4 experiments in which participants were evaluated for narcissism, quizzed with trivia …

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Whip Spiders Use Their Feet to Smell Their Way Home

After a late dinner, a jungle-dwelling whip spider can’t rest on an Uber motorist to get her home. She has to find the way herself, in the pitch-black, picking her way over thick undergrowth to strech the tree she lives on. It’s a pretence she can even conduct when plucked from her …

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Is Cloud Seeding Worth the Bet?

Pilots from Weather Modification, Inc., ready the cloud seeding aircraft with seeding flares. (Credit: Derek Blestrud, Idaho Power Company) “Make mud, not war.” That was the aphorism of the American 54th Weather Reconnaissance Squad, the first military force to rivet in weather warfare. Throughout the Vietnam War, they flew 2,602 …

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