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In Search of a Universal Flu Vaccine

(Credit: Shutterstock) No one wants to locate the flu, and the best line of invulnerability is the anniversary influenza vaccine. But producing an effective annual influenza shot relies on accurately presaging which influenza strains are many likely to taint the race in any given season. It requires the coordination of …

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How to use superpowers

“THE universe is a mess,” celebrated Madeleine Albright this week at a entertainment of men and women who have, between them, witnessed every predicament to smorgasboard American inhabitant certainty for 40 years. That frail outline by the former secretary of state stirred bipartisan agreement at a “Passing the Baton” discussion …

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Donald Trump’s devise to understanding with his conflicts of interest

THE president-elect’s press discussion on Jan 11th overwhelmed on feign news, the F-35 fight jet, pleasing military bands, the implausible sparseness of dark cameras in hotel rooms, Jack Ma, a Chinese tycoon, the Miss Universe contest, a very, very, very extraordinary skill developer in Dubai, and Rhona, his personal assistant, …

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Still campaigning

NINE days before Donald Trump’s coronation as the 45th president, it was as if he was still fighting for election. In a press discussion on Jan 11th, his first for 6 months, Mr Trump was as thin-skinned, loose-lipped and scrappy as he has ever been. He taunted his rivals and …

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