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City Nature Challenge 2017: Get started with iNaturalist and SciStarter

April 14-18, 16 cities opposite the United States will participate in the City Nature Challenge by going outward to document class by the iNaturalist app!  The widely expected event, brought to you by Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and California Academy of Sciences, also creates it easy for participants to earn credit for their iNaturalist observations by …

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Nature’s Venomous Arsenal

The weapons animals use to inject their toxins, as much as the venoms themselves, exhibit just how clever, and divergent expansion can be. Some of the best-known vicious animals are, literally, armed to the teeth. Snakes, spiders, and others in this organisation use mouthparts to inject their toxins. Fangs come …

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How Much Exercise Does a Body Need?

(Credit: Shutterstock) Researchers keep moving the idea posts on exercise. For a while, the trend was to show advantages of minimal exercise, maybe as an olive bend to people too bustling for a full workout. Lately, the trend is radically to contend bid matters; some-more practice means better health. So …

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