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The 17 best things to do in San Francisco, according to people who live there

Find the best Mexican food in the Mission District.Melia Robinson/Business Insider In November, 170,000 tech workers will deplane on San Francisco for Dreamforce, a massive discussion hosted by Salesforce. Those fervent attendees will be looking for things to do. The Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman’s Wharf competence seem like apparent choices, but …

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Alzheimer’s May Not Start in the Brain

(Credit: Shutterstock) For years, experts suspicion Alzheimer’s, a on-going neurodegenerative disease, originated in the brain. After all, it’s the organ that takes the beating: Proteins build up in the brain, combining plaques or tangles that can repairs dungeon function. And depending on which supposition you’re reading up on, the vicious …

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Cosmic Rays Uncover New Room in Egypt’s Great Pyramid

(Credit: Don Mammoser/Shutterstock) A vast chamber, never-before observed, has been detected in the Great Pyramid at Giza. The formerly opposite space was announced Thursday by an general group of researchers who used vast ray detectors to discern the participation of what they call a “big void” inside the pyramid’s structure …

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Newly Discovered Orangutan Species May Soon Be Extinct

We found you Tapanuli orangutan! (Credit: Maxime Aliaga) A newly detected class of orangutan is already teetering on the corner of extinction. The Tapanuli orangutans (Pongo tapanuliensis) have been identified as the many involved good ape class in the world, consisting of reduction than 800 individuals. That race distance is strikingly opposite …

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