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The 10 apps millennials contend they can’t live without

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty The global app economy is staid to explode, and the foe for users’ courtesy is intense.  ComScore recently surveyed app users ages 18-34 about the apps they “can’t go without.” The top 10 includes the likes of Instagram, YouTube, and Gmail. The list “speaks to a broader insight, …

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Here’s because some people have black gums

Dr. Jonathan B. Levine, DMD tells us since some people have darker gums than others. Following is a twin of the video: DR. LEVINE: So, in this country, the customary of beauty is pinkish gums. So when you see anything black in the smile, in the mouth, it looks like …

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A new find on Mars could change future missions

According to a new study published by Nature Geoscience, it’s rarely likely that extreme heat changes on Mars trigger sleet storms at night on the planet’s surface. These storms aren’t as aroused as blizzards on Earth but are much some-more heated than formerly thought. Follow Tech Insider: On Facebook

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