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President Trump will have no choice but to extend DACA

Undocumented girl can no longer replenish their standing under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program after Thursday. Only residents of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands can request after the deadline for renovation applications, which had to be perceived by Oct. 5 and sent by mail. Unless President Trump …

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SEE IT: Teacher accused of knocking 6-year-old boy’s tooth out

An facile school gym teacher in upstate New York has been dangling following accusations he slammed a little child to the ground, knocking out his front tooth. Kia Thompson-White pronounced she perceived a content Friday observant her 6-year-old son Marlon K’Harii Williams had been harmed at school after he was …

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Assault weapons have sinister accessories over strike stocks

The “bump stock” appendage that gunman Stephen Paddock presumably used to kill at slightest 58 people in Las Vegas is just one of many accessories shooters use to raise their experience. Semi-automatic rifles, quite the AR-15, are rarely customizable. A shooter can pretence out his prolonged gun for looks or …

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Jeff Sessions reverses protections for transgender rights

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is finale an Obama-era policy safeguarding transgender employees from discrimination, showing nonetheless another strike from the Trump administration on LGBT rights. Sessions wrote in a memo that a landmark 1964 polite rights law does not request to gender identity, despite former President Barack Obama expanding …

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SMU frat dangling for making pledges wear vomit-covered clothes

A Southern Methodist University companionship accused of hazing its new recruits with rituals that embody paddling and forcing them to wear garments covered in puke has been suspended. The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards launched an review after it perceived reports of hazing during the open 2017 semester, …

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Las Vegas gunman Paddock’s hermit threatened to kill friend

Las Vegas torpedo Stephen Paddock’s hermit once threatened to kill a crony in California, TMZ reported. Bruce Paddock had been squatting in a San Fernando Valley home in 2014, when his crony Hector Cruz, the owner, accused him of tampering with machinery, the website reported. When Cruz confronted him, Paddock …

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