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With $5 – and a little courage

YouTube/EverythingApplePro The query to customize your iPhone to the indicate that it’s the many singular iPhone on the street is ever ongoing. For many of us, that means getting a singular case, or maybe a case that costs as much as an iPhone itself, like the $1,345 Advent Collection case for …

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Your kitchen consume is even some-more sum than you suspicion — here’s how mostly you should reinstate it

Yes, kitchen sponges are dirtier than toilets. Shutterstock/correct pictures Sponges are the many bacteria-covered objects in most homes (more so than toilets), according to microbiologists. One new study found even some-more microbial farrago on sponges than researchers expected. Sponge-cleaning methods like boiling and microwaving are reduction effective than many people think. …

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