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Football fan cooking equine plod after losing bet

‘It tasted like crap’ (Picture: Mercury Press and Media Ltd) When an visitor civilisation looks on us, we wish them to see this video so that they won’t invade us since there’s zero here worth fighting for. A football fan who lost a gamble finished up eating a pile of equine …

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These cars could be the messiest in the world

Tidying up the automobile can be a daunting charge (Pictures: Exclusivepix Media) Cleaning the automobile can be a genuine chore, generally if you have a few festering fast-food cartons in the back. It’s all too easy to spin your automobile into a balderdash dump on wheels during a prolonged automobile …

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‘Mowgli girl’ found vital with monkeys in India

The little girl is now in a hospital (Picture: uttarpradesh.org) An eight-year-old has been dubbed ‘Mowgli girl’ after police found her vital with monkeys and incompetent to walk and talk. The girl, who was found in a remote inlet haven in Bahraich, northern India, walked on all fours and spoke in …

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Five quite hideous ways to die, according to science

(Picture: Shutterstock) If you ‘ve ever played a dark diversion of ‘would you rather’ you will have many likely dreamt up some flattering awful ways to die. But, according to Californian scientist Paul Doherty and author Cody Casey, there are some that are quite grim. Amazingly propitious couple win lottery for …

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Amazingly propitious couple win lottery for third time

Are they happening tellers? (Picture: Western Canada Lottery Corporation) A couple are celebrating after winning the lottery for the THIRD time. It was first, second and third time propitious for Barbara and Douglas Fink, who just hit the £4.9million jackpot. Previously, they only won prizes in the 6 figures. Five quite hideous …

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