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Incredibily singular albino orangutan discovered from captors

The albino monkey was discovered after spending days in chains (Picture: Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation) An intensely singular albino orangutan has been found and saved by conservationists.  The pleasing five-year-old monkey was being held serf by locals on Kalimantan, the Indonesian side of the island of Borneo. Marine Le Pen does …

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‘Oldest person in the world’ dies aged 146

Sodimejo pronounced he was innate in 1870 (Picture: EPA) The man believed to be the oldest in the universe has died in Indonesia. Sodimejo had ID showing he was innate in 1870, but was not the ‘official’ world’s oldest person as annals did not start in the country until 1900. …

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Donald Trump walks out of talk after doubt he doesn’t like

The President finished it transparent the talk was over (Picture: CBS/This Morning) Donald Trump cut brief a primary time talk observant ‘That’s enough’ when asked about his Obama wiretapping claims. He finished headlines when he accused his prototype of phone drumming him, observant he was a ‘bad (or sick) guy!’ …

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Police officer set on fire with petrol explosve during riots in Paris

French CRS anti-riot police officers are engulfed in abandon (Picture: Getty) Horrific images show police engulfed in abandon after protesters threw petrol bombs in Paris today. Six officers were harmed during riots in protest against distant right Marine Le Pen’s success in the first turn of the French presidential election. One …

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War photographer captures final moment of her life as explosve explodes

The picture taken by US Army fight photographer Hilda I. Clayton as a trebuchet tube incidentally explodes (Picture: EPA/HILDA CLAYTON/US ARMY HANDOUT) A fight photographer prisoner the moment a trebuchet explosve incidentally exploded in Afghanistan killing her and 4 others. Specialist Hilda Clayton was holding pictures of Afghan soldiers holding partial …

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