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CIA sacks puppy as she ‘wasn’t meddlesome in’ her bomb showing training

Lulu ‘wasn’t interested’ in the CIA’s bomb training, officials pronounced (Picture: CIA) A little black labrador was forsaken from CIA’s bomb showing program since she ‘wasn’t enjoying’ her training. Lulu, a one-and-half-year-old pup, was apparently ‘acting lazy, guessing where odours were and showing a ubiquitous disregard’ in her training with …

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Spain to levy approach order over Catalonia, stealing its autonomy

Catalonia has been opposed for liberty (Picture: Pau Barrena/AFP/Getty Images Spain has started record to mislay Catalonia’s autonomy. This Saturday ministers are approaching to meet to activate Article 155, permitting Spain to levy approach order over the unconstrained region. John Kelly says he’s ‘stunned’ congresswoman was listening to Trump call …

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Brazilian man adopts wandering puppy who peed all over him

Heinze Sanchez, 27, has adopted the wandering puppy who peed all over him (Picture: Heinze Sanchez) You’d be flattering angry if a dog peed on you but this man didn’t seem too worried – even going so distant as determining to adopt it instead.  Schoolboy, 14 drowned while holding a …

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‘Racist’ nursing text pulled from sale

It has been pulled from sale (Picture: Twitter) A ‘racist’ nursing text which listed stereotypes including about Jews, black people and Muslims has been pulled from sale. Under the streamer of ‘Diversity and Culture’, it claimed that Jewish people ‘may be outspoken and demanding’ if they are in pain while …

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Scientists just found a human medium in space

The lava tube could be big adequate to residence an whole city (Picture: NASA/Goddard/Arizona State University) If tuning into the news every day for the past year has done you wish to give up on Earth entirely, this competence just be the thing for you. A study has reliable the …

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