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NASA Has the Asteroid Protection Plan, But Where’s the Money?

Let’s wish it never comes to this. (Credit: muratart/Shutterstock) Asteroid impacts have the eminence of being one of the few sci-fi concepts that will really occur at some point. But despite the transparent and benefaction (although potentially distant off) risk of getting smacked by an asteroid, we’ve clinging few resources …

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A wimpy La Niña is on the way toward La Nada status

La Niña typically cools the Pacific. But this time, vast swathes of warmer-than-average sea temperatures have pale the cooling. A comparison of sea surface feverishness anomalies in the Pacific Ocean for two seven-day periods: Dec. 28, 1998 to Jan. 3, 1999; and Dec. 26, 2016 to Jan. 1, 2017. The strong La Niña …

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