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How pot can interrupt leukemia cells

Leukemia, is the sweeping term for the 4 opposite forms of cancer found in bone pith and blood cells. There are roughly 200,000 U.S. cases per year and typically found in adults over the age of 55, but also found in children under the age of 15. While chemotherapy and …

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Donald Trump inspires feign news game

Fake news isn’t a diversion to Donald Trump, but it’s now a diversion for your phone. Fake News: The Game is designed by the creative group ISL to boost your news education — and to infer how easy it is to get taken in by dubious or feign stories and …

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Drinking coffee may help you live longer

The best partial of waking up is, well, still being alive. People who splash a crater of coffee per day are 12% reduction likely to die betimes of heart or kidney disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes or respiratory failure, a new study says. And complicated consumers of decaf or unchanging coffee …

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Umbrella-sharing company loses many of its 300,000 umbrellas

When it rains, it pours. Ask Sharing E Umbrella, a $1.5 million start-up formed in Shenzhen in southeastern China, that’s had a solid stream of bad luck. The umbrella-sharing business launched in April. Since then it has widespread to 11 cities. In that time, it has lost scarcely all of …

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Here’s the lowdown on tomorrow’s internet Net Neutrality showdown

If the internet looks slower today, it’s not your imagination. On Wednesday, top websites such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and others will display “spinning wheels of death” and “blocked” banners to denote what could occur if the Trump administration succeeds in permitting internet service providers to turn “gatekeepers” of …

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7-Eleven turns 90, celebrates birthday on Free Slurpee Day

Beware the “Brain Freeze”! 7-Eleven is branch 90, and it’s celebrating its birthday during the annual Free Slurpee Day on 7/11. The icy provide has been causing brain freezes for some-more than 51 years. Slurpees at a 7-11 in Concord, N.H. (Larry Crow / AP) Send a Letter to the …

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