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SEE IT: Wolfgang Puck curses on HSN while selling cookware

Wolfgang doesn’t give a puck. Acclaimed luminary cook Wolfgang Puckappeared on the Home Shopping Network Saturday night to sell his line of home cookware and forsaken the F-bomb like a prohibited image live on air. The 67-year-old Austrian-born restaurateur accursed while describing a competing cookware line’s costly prices. WARNING: VIDEO …

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Why texting could attempt your future success

There was a time in this universe where you walked up to people, started a review and done things happen. But not any more. As a culture, we have turn idle in the try to let record do the work of communicating around the messages, emails, and emojis — but …

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How to make an alcohol-free Valentine’s Day the best ever

Valentine’s Day — it’s a day that can fill you with expectation or dismay — depending on which finish of the dating spectrum you lay on. Throw in the fact that you’re solemn and things can really get dicey! If you’re single, you substantially demeanour at it as Single Awareness …

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