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No ‘Westworld’ Can Contain the Real Rise of AI

A sight carries human visitors to the unconventional entertainment park of “Westworld” populated by robot hosts. Credit: HBO Nobody would credit the HBO show “Westworld” of being a sunny science novella story about synthetic intelligence. The show facilities humanoid robot “hosts” who live, die, and live again to offer the fantasies …

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The Arctic in the age of Trump

“I am aroused this will impact the Arctic in ways that we have not seen yet” — Margot Wallström, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden Donald J. Trump walks out of the U.S. Capitol to be sworn in as America’s 45th President. (Source: White House Facebook page) Note: I’ve created …

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Predicting Donald Trump’s collect for the Supreme Court

PREDICTION, wrote Karl Popper, a philosopher, is “one of the oldest dreams of mankind—the dream of prophecy, the thought that we can know what the future has in store for us, and that we can distinction from such believe by adjusting the policy to it.” It is a dream from …

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