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Everything we know about the iPhone 8’s battery life (AAPL)

An iPhone 8 concept design. YouTube/ConceptsiPhone The arriving iPhone 8 is arguably Apple’s many hotly anticipated device for several years — and one of the biggest unknowns about the device is how prolonged the battery life will last. While we won’t know for certain until Apple releases the flagship device, the …

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People paid $12,000 to go to a music festival with beachside barbecues and Champagne brunches — and all they got were these unhappy cheese sandwiches

The unhappy cheese sandwich that has turn a pitch of the Fyre Festival’s failure. Reddit Here_Comes_the_Kingz Partygoers headed to a music festival in the Bahamas this weekend approaching beachside barbecues and Champagne brunches. Instead, they’re getting cheese sandwiches — if they get any food at all. Fyre Festival was advertised …

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How Kellyanne Conway creates and spends her $39 million fortune

President Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway in November, 2016.Thomson Reuters Kellyanne Conway’s stand — from the strategist behind Donald Trump’s arise to his campaign manager to his White House advisor — has been closely watched by the media. When Conway assimilated the Trump administration, she and her husband, George Conway, …

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The organizer of the cursed Fyre festival was formerly accused of scamming millennials with promises of Hamilton tickets and trips to Cuba

Not utterly as organized. Facebook.com/fyrefestival Fyre Festival, a oppulance music festival on Great Exuma in the Bahamas this weekend, has reportedly descended into chaos. Attendees have complained on Twitter of disorganization, headliners subsidy out, and unsound housing in a “tent city.” Thousands of guest who paid between $450 and $12,000 …

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