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Graphic anti-smoking warnings make cigarettes cool

The warnings may be having the conflicting outcome to their purpose (Picture: PA) Anti-smoking posters designed to inspire teenagers not to smoke may be having the conflicting effect. New investigate has found that some immature people were not put off smoking by the striking warnings mostly found on packs of …

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Obese man with obsession to Coca-Cola downed 40 cans a day

Shane Tench has lost 11 mill in 17-months by giving up Coca Cola (Picture: Caters) A chip shop manager became so dependant to Coca-Cola he downed some-more than 40 cans of the fizzy splash a day. Shane Trench, 21, piled on the pounds after celebration almost 13 liters of the …

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Boss treats all his staff to weekend in Benidorm for Christmas

Dave Collins, handling executive of Local Ironwork, in Newcastle, motionless to give his staff a prerogative they’d never forget for all their tough work this year. (Picture: Supplied) We may have just found the best boss ever. Either that or he just knows how to make his staff feel really special. …

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