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These inventive boots enhance as your feet grow — and they are being used to stop children in bad countries walking barefoot

“The Shoe That Grows” can enhance up to 5 sizes. It was grown by the gift “Because International” for children in bad countries. Without shoes, children can humour from soil-transmitted diseases. So distant “Because International” has distributed over 120,000 pairs in 91 countries.   Charity “Because International” grown a camber …

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These 20 US counties furnish the many successful people

Larry Downing/Reuters As partial of his new book “Everybody Lies,” former Google information scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz analyzed 150,000 editor-approved Wikipedia entries. His investigate constructed a county-by-county relapse of where the many successful people in the US grew up. Many of the counties have several things in common, from embankment to …

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