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A handful of startups are rising ride-hailing for children

“HELICOPTER parent” may sound like an insult, but given the chance, many relatives would substantially opt for the help of a chopper to wizz little ones between school, football use and piano lessons. Getting children where they need to go is a outrageous con and expense, generally in homes where …

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A “new” star should seem in 2022

X marks the spot AMATEUR astronomers have a new date for their diaries. In 2022, in the constellation of Cygnus, they will be treated to the steer of a nova, or “new star”. By themselves, novas are not quite noteworthy. Several dozen a year occur in Earth’s home galaxy, the …

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Feds impact Chicago police for force against communities of color

A sovereign examine of Chicago police found a settlement of intolerable bungle — cops sharpened at journey suspects, banishment at cars for no reason and using Tasers on kids. The ban Justice Department report expelled Friday resolved that the dialect intent in a campaign of extreme force — primarily targeting …

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U.S. millennials paid 20% reduce salaries than baby boomers

No consternation so many millennials still live with their parents. Americans ages 25 to 34 make 20% reduction income than baby boomers did at the same age, according to a study expelled Friday. Millennials were found to be making about $40,581 in 2013. By comparison, immature people in the same …

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Experts impact Giuliani website for ‘basic’ confidence flaws

Tech experts have slammed Rudy Giuliani’s simply hackable company website after he was tapped by Donald Trump to make the nation’s cybersecurity good again. Trump’s transition group announced Thursday that Giuliani would advise him on “private zone cyber confidence problems and rising solutions building in the private sector.” Among the …

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