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Snapchat is back after going down for scarcely an hour

Visit the Snapchat website and corkscrew down to the bottom and click ‘support’. Their support page will then bucket and you need to click ‘contact us.’ Click ‘My Snapstreaks have disappeared’ then corkscrew down and click ‘yes’ beside ‘still need help?’ lost a 300 day snapchat strain and i just couldn’t …

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Donald Trump won’t order out military movement against North Korea

US President Donald Trump speaking in Seoul currently (Picture: Getty Images) Donald Trump has arrived in South Korea where he has refused to order out military movement against North Korea. He formerly called North Korea personality Kim Jong-un ‘Rocket Man’ and threatened to unleash ‘fire and fury’ on the country …

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Donald Trump supporters before and after they knew Texas shooter’s identity

They had very clever views before meaningful the shooter’s temperament (Picture: Reddit) Donald Trump supporters had alarmingly opposite opinions before and after they satisfied the Texas shooter’s identity. As news pennyless of mixed fatalities at a church in Sutherland Springs on Sunday, users of Reddit’s the_donald thread were discerning to assume …

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