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Panda Gut Microbes Change with the Seasons

A change in seasons can meant it’s time to take the sweaters out of the back of your closet, plant your garden, or—if you’re a panda—remake your tummy microbiome. Scientists have found that pandas, rather than a summer and winter wardrobe, have opposite sets of tummy germ for opposite seasons. The rotating …

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Lake Michigan Itself Is the Greatest Asian Carp Deterrent

Asian canopy burst from the water at the mouth of the Wabash River in Ohio. (Credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Todd Davis) For years, people have been freaking out that Asian canopy are about to invade the Great Lakes. That regard seemed some-more genuine than ever this summer after an …

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Friendly Neighborhood Delivery Drones Target Iceland

The startup Flytrex launched a delivery drone service in Reykjavik, Iceland starting in Aug 2017. Credit: Flytrex Delivery drones are carrying patron orders for burgers and smartphones opposite a brook of water straddled by the Icelandic collateral of Reykjavik—and that’s just the start of a much some-more desirous plan. Before the finish …

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Smartphone apps can help provide amiable depression: study

Depressed? There are smartphone apps for that — and they can actually help you cope with amiable to assuage forms of the condition, according to a study. Overall, the smartphone apps examined in the Australian-led investigate “significantly” reduced people’s depressive symptoms, according to the commentary published in biography World Psychiatry. …

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Why one Uber motorist loves picking up puking passengers

It’s not that he seeks out dipsomaniac passengers, insists Uber motorist Curtis Preston. Curtis Preston Uber motorist Curtis Preston schooled his doctrine about inebriated passengers the tough way. The first time someone got sick in his automobile he wasn’t prepared, and the mess took him off the highway and cost him $140 …

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