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You can now buy authorised pot in Nevada

A medical pot studious looks at weed for sale at a dispensary in Las Vegas, Nevada. John Locher/AP Sales of recreational pot kick off in Nevada on Saturday, Jul 1, and the state is awaiting on assault of tourists coming to representation the internal merchandise. But visitors competence have tough …

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Everything you need to know about shark encounters

Mark Royer/University of Hawaii Many people are shocked of sharks, but when you demeanour at the odds, those fears seem flattering silly. The normal series of people killed annually by sharks is estimated to be about six. (Roughly the same series die from heart illness every 12 seconds.) “More people are …

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Photos show 70 years of presidents interacting with the media

President Bill Clinton discusses his campaign with reporters aboard Air Force One on his way back to Washington on Nov 6, 1996./AP Photo The US president’s attribute with the press has prolonged been a difficult one, and it has sundry from administration to administration. To name just a few examples, …

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