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9 Netflix films to watch on Singles Awareness Day

Extol the virtues of singledom (Picture: Rex) Reportedly recognised by a tyro at Mississippi State University looking for an choice to Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day (February 15) – or SAD for brief – gives all those but an other half the possibility to join in with the celebrations. Like The …

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Delicious delayed cooker recipes for Chinese New Year

Keep things elementary with these delayed cooker recipes (Picture: Getty) We are about to applaud the Year of the Dog this Chinese New Year. As with every celebration, food plays a big partial in the festivities. What is Lo Hei, the Chinese New Year dish, and where can we get …

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Anyone with a honeyed tooth will adore this Turkish pleasure flavoured gin

(Picture: Metro.co.uk/31Dover) Turkish Delight flavoured solitaire is here, and it comes pleasantness of Zymurgorium, the company behind the Parma Violets flavoured gin. The Zymurgorium Turkish Delight Gin Liqueur is the latest recover from the initial Manchester distillery. It’s a gin-based liqueur, which according to the product description, facilities the ‘aromatic, …

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An all-you-can-eat hummus festival is coming to Manchester

(Picture: Getty/Metro.co.uk) Everyone knows hummus is massively underrated. It’s a drop estimable of all sorts of dishes – and it deserves to be celebrated. And so, obviously, we were super vehement when we found out there is going to be an tangible hummus festival, for people who just can’t get …

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