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Time to Shift the Gaze Skyward

I beheld the season’s first juncos hopping in my yard a few brief weeks ago – an eventuality we demeanour brazen to every year since we know their attainment here in New England means winter is on its way. And by “winter,” we mean, specifically, winter solstice – the longest …

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Under Review: A Male Contraceptive Topical Gel

(Credit: Shutterstock) A new male preventive is set to start contrast next year. Beginning in April, about 420 men will start rubbing a hormonal jelly onto their shoulders every morning, with the thought of obscure spermatazoa depends next what’s indispensable to means a pregnancy. If all goes to plan, they and …

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Dead Squid Moms Are a Gift to the Ocean Floor

Animals living on the sea floor, where it’s too dim for anything to grow, have to wait for food to tumble on them. Mostly this means they eat “marine snow,” a solid deposit of tiny life forms and detritus from the ocean’s surface. But robotic expeditions off the seashore of Mexico have revealed what …

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Family of deer wanders into Colorado shop

A Colorado shopkeeper was taken aback when a four-legged patron wandered into her store one winter morning. The warn revisit came from “Mama,” a sire who lives in the woods nearby the Horsetooth Store in Fort Collins, Colo. Lori Jones described the warn confront to the Daily News. “I was …

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