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8 books to review before you get married

Might as good take all the attribute recommendation you can get.Jason Sussberg/Flickr Relationships are personal. You can review 100 books about adore and matrimony and still be surprised to learn that your spouse never creates the bed, but has a weird thing about organizing the dishwasher. That said, if you’re formulation or anticipating to get …

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The 33 many costly tasting menus on the planet, ranked

Eleven Madison Park, New York.Flickr/Anders Carlsson One of the best ways for foodies to truly knowledge the world’s best restaurants is by grouping a multi-course tasting menu. But it’s not for everybody — these delicately crafted and elaborate dishes can infrequently cost as much as $1,000 a head. From the initial …

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Ecstasy Could Help Adults With Autism Cope

(Lightspring/Shutterstock) For some people with autism, the thought of confronting social situations can be so unnerving it impairs their ability to finish school, hold a pursuit or form relationships. And required drugs and psychotherapy for stress mostly fail. But early results from a new study advise that MDMA — ordinarily …

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