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Did Dinosaur Eggs Lead To Their Doom?

Embryonic Protoceratops andrewsi (like the hatchling above) may have a key to the dinosaurs’ doom created in their teeth. Credit: AMNH/M. Ellison. For the first time, researchers have been means to counterpart into fossilized dinosaur eggs at such a crazyfine fortitude that they’ve speckled expansion lines on the embryo-dino teeth. The …

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Human brain and teeth expansion not related — Surprise!

Researchers prolonged suspicion the human brain (blue) got bigger as the teeth (eccru) got smaller, but a new study tells a opposite story. Image pleasantness of: Aida Gómez-Robles. Sure, the human brain is a big deal, literally. But if you put the normal human in a monkey family reunion photo …

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The 2016 New Species Smackdown

Pheidole drogon and Pheidole viserion, the Dragon Ants: First described in Jul in the biography PLOS One, these ants were named after two of the dragons in author George R.R. Martin’s anticipation series, which desirous HBO’s renouned series Game of Thrones. Both category are found on the eastern side of …

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Birds Sleep During Flights, Too

Sleepwalking can be a problem, but sleepflying? That’s a nifty adaptation, confirmed in Aug for the first time in birds. The thought that birds snooze during multiday flights has been floating around for decades, but only recently could researchers infer it. Scientists built miniature inclination to magnitude avian conduct movement, …

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