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These risqué images in Victoria’s Secret stores are annoying moms of teenagers — and it’s melancholy the best partial of the business

Racy ads behind the cash register in a Victoria’s Secret Manhattan store.Business Insider/Mary Hanbury Mothers of teenage shoppers are mad about the risqué photos in Victoria’s Secret stores and contend they are inapt for immature girls selling the company’s PINK line.  A patron shared photos of a Victoria’s Secret store in the …

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Gerber debuted its first ‘spokesbaby’ with Down syndrome — but some relatives are slamming the baby food company

Lucas Warren, Gerber’s first “spokesbaby” with Down Syndrome Gerber On Wednesday, Gerber announced it had allocated its first “spokesbaby” with Down syndrome. Some saw the appointment as hypocritical, as the baby food company’s sister company Gerber Life reportedly denies children with Down syndrome insurance coverage.  One Facebook commenter wrote: “So you …

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A New York City startup pays for 2 of its employees to go on vacation every year but spending a dime, interjection to a pretence involving Amazon and a credit card

_ CB Insights module operative Alex Parayannilam vacations in Medellin, Colombia. Courtesy of CB Insights Software analytics company CB Insights gives out bi-annual “peer awards” to its employees. The company uses a Starwood American Express business label to compensate for its large Amazon Web Services bill, generating a ton of Starwood …

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