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Conspiracy theorists trust they have debunked the moon landings

Does this 1972 Apollo 17 moon alighting photo infer it was a hoax? (Picture: NASA) Moon alighting swindling theorists are walking with an additional open in their step currently after a picture emerged which appears to show a ‘1970s theatre hand’ in the thoughtfulness of an astronaut’s visor on the …

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Astronauts Didn’t Sleep So Well on the Moon

Inside the close and tiny Lunar Module. NASA/Hancock. The habitable volume of the Apollo lunar procedure was just 160 cubic feet. That competence sound like a lot for two men, but when you consider that it was filled with the massive lunar EVA suits and life support systems, rocks collected …

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Darwin Was Right About Bird Vomit

(Credit: Shutterstock) Charles Darwin was a bustling man. When he wasn’t advancing his groundbreaking speculation of expansion by healthy selection, he could be found delicately examining the essence of bird puke and droppings. No, this wasn’t an problematic hobby. He was getting his hands unwashed to smoke-stack up some-more justification …

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Robot Nails Backflip Better Than Most Gymnasts

(Credit: Boston Dynamics) The Atlas bipedal robot done by Boston Dynamics just showed off its new move: a ideally executed backflip. And the humanoid robot stuck its alighting better than many veteran gymnasts—no hesitation, no wobble, nothing. Boston Dynamics, which was acquired by Alphabet (Google’s primogenitor company) in 2013 and then sole …

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Antarctic Fossils Reveal the Continent’s Lush Past

(Credit: Gustav Gullstrand/Unsplash) Antarctica, a land of near-lunar gloom and conditions so bleak few plants or animals brave stay, was once covered with a sweeping of sensuous greenery. The conception of the ice-coated continent as a forested Eden emerged in the early 1900s when Robert Falcon Scott, a British explorer, found plant fossils during …

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Tesla’s Electric Semi Shows Promise—But Will it Deliver?

(Credit: Tesla) Elon Musk finally suggested the Tesla Semi, an electric big-rig he professes will outstrip the diesel fleets that have dominated American burden for decades. The Tesla CEO flaunted his latest origination and its “BAMF performance”—it’s a technical term, he says—at an phenomenon rite Thursday night in Hawthorne, CA. …

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