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Panda Gut Microbes Change with the Seasons

A change in seasons can meant it’s time to take the sweaters out of the back of your closet, plant your garden, or—if you’re a panda—remake your tummy microbiome. Scientists have found that pandas, rather than a summer and winter wardrobe, have opposite sets of tummy germ for opposite seasons. The rotating …

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Lake Michigan Itself Is the Greatest Asian Carp Deterrent

Asian canopy burst from the water at the mouth of the Wabash River in Ohio. (Credit: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Todd Davis) For years, people have been freaking out that Asian canopy are about to invade the Great Lakes. That regard seemed some-more genuine than ever this summer after an …

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Friendly Neighborhood Delivery Drones Target Iceland

The startup Flytrex launched a delivery drone service in Reykjavik, Iceland starting in Aug 2017. Credit: Flytrex Delivery drones are carrying patron orders for burgers and smartphones opposite a brook of water straddled by the Icelandic collateral of Reykjavik—and that’s just the start of a much some-more desirous plan. Before the finish …

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Smartphone apps can help provide amiable depression: study

Depressed? There are smartphone apps for that — and they can actually help you cope with amiable to assuage forms of the condition, according to a study. Overall, the smartphone apps examined in the Australian-led investigate “significantly” reduced people’s depressive symptoms, according to the commentary published in biography World Psychiatry. …

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